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Vote out NNP and corruption

Corruption is the abuse of power for personal gains.

We have entrusted a group of people who for 23 years have used their power for political and personal gains while the rest of the nation suffers.

One told us, and mind you, she said it from deep, deep within her soul – ‘vote for us so you will continue to suffer’. In other words, her apology means nothing because a man known as cellphone gate used our resources piling up government cell phone bills to over $90,000 and up to now he has not been made to repay or arrested and charged for misuse of state resources.

Then we have house repair where only one set of people are piling up wood and board below their houses for years and every year they receive more for wood ants to take over or to rot while the ones in need use a refrigerator as a pillar to keep their little ply shack from falling.

We have the SEED programme specifically for the elderly and vulnerable and to assist needy students in transportation to and from school. But the 15 of them use their political offices to approve who gets and who suffers.

Can you imagine that even dead people continue to rise up from their graves and collect SEED money from these people.

They allow and continue to allow political activists to pocket that money under their noses. Why? corruption and deceit. If I work for you, you are supposed to supervise me. Ain’t that so?

So here we have just 3 reasons why you should vote out corruption as corruption creates poverty and economic crisis whereby our people are kept poor and vulnerable.

The fact is that as long as we allow this corruption to continue, our level of poverty will increase drastically.

So, let’s get registered, get our peers registered and on Election Day vote to eradicate poverty from our nation.

We have the resources right here to do that. Go out and vote for team NDC to ensure that poverty is alleviated from our country once and for all.

Enough with this corrupt regime.

The NDC Lover