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Unfair foreign employers

Permit me space in your paper to address the treatment being given to hospitality workers at a new resort in the south.

The probation period is there to cover both the employee and the employer, however, when one is taking advantage of this period it must be brought to light.

How many people have this establishment fired within the almost three months they have been open?

How many persons were given valid reasons with documentation to back up the claims other than we are in the probationary period and it is our right? Are you telling me there are no suitable Grenadians to fill the positions that are now like revolving doors?

Why are so many work permits being granted to this establishment when it is jobs that clearly Grenadians can do with training so it is done to their standard?

The sad part is that the Ministry of Labour and the Government are aware of what’s going on there but I guess it is the youth of the country suffering and it is not an election year so no one cares.

You are hired with no contract given to keep only to sign and they take it away and you are paid differently to the contract you signed. If you dare question it you are marked and you are taken to slaughter – no one can save you not even the Ministry of Labour as they are within their rights.

It is time these foreigners seeking their own personal gains are not allowed to use us the Grenadians. I assume the more they let go on reasonable grounds during the probationary period, the greater case they have to bring in their workers from the region and internationally as they can say they have tried many Grenadians and they cannot work.

PLEASE LET’S PUT AN END TO THIS, IT MAY BE YOUR FAMILY MEMBER NEXT. We need stiffer rules for these companies. Grenadians deserve to have rights in their own country!

Patriotic Sister