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The Royals and slavery

I write to protest the use of the words ‘phony Sanctimony’ for the subject of Slavery as addressed by Prince William in the Caribbean recently. This is a false accusation. I feel it was a carefully considered way of addressing the issue instead of ignoring it.

The accusation assumes the Royal is racist which I think is not likely. APOLOGY.

Impossible in cases such as Slavery, The Holocaust, and the current total destruction of Ukraine I feel no apology is possible. Those things are entirely too evil and demonic.

What, oh sorry, I didn’t mean it??? Apology from someone not responsible can’t work, nor repentance. Those born in modern times did not organise it or carried it out. Who then was guilty? This was the ‘ Money people, the business people of the time. Money is the root of all evil.

While it is true the Royal family is very rich, it comes from all the lands and properties they own in England the burden on UK taxpayers. The British said No Slavery in England, and any slave brought there was set free.

I know there have been some racists in the Royal family, e.g. King Edward V111 who had to resign, and Lord Louis Mountbatten, but not in the present ones who are happy in the company of West Indians and Africans.

Now for Reparations, it should be done as when Slavery was abolished, they had to give the sum of money to the slave owner for the purchase price of the slave. How horrifying, and nothing to the slave. BUT HOW do you do this??

If you can find out the name of every single slave and allocate a sum of money, you will then have to divide it amongst about 20 descendants!!!! Guess that figure.

Good luck with that.

Heather Sylvester