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The COVID-19 pandemic

Based on all that we have learned about Covid-19 over the last 18 months, those of us who follow the advice and recommendations of the vast majority of experts trying to help us control and ultimately put an end to this pandemic; scientists, medical doctors, epidemiologists, public health specialists etc. agree, and insist that our most effective and promising tools to date for doing so, are the approved vaccines.

Today, 99% of all deaths from Covid 19 are those who are unvaccinated. If you have taken one of these vaccines, you have taken the right course of action for yourself, your family and friends, your community and your country.

Grenada’s Health professionals and experts are such believers in the vaccines that as of August 1, 2021, they have convinced our Government to not allow any foreigners to enter our country who are not fully vaccinated including over 3000 returning SGU students.

Unfortunately however, the same Government is not prepared to mandate vaccines or even vaccine protocols for its own citizens. There are presently ZERO consequences for those Grenadians who refuse to vaccinate. They are free to spread the Covid virus everywhere…..and they are doing so at a frightening pace.

SGU just completed its testing protocols and the infection numbers confirm that there is little to no spread amongst the vaccinated and all the danger and exposure to those 15 individuals who tested positive lies off campus (community spread).

The unvaccinated put us all at much greater risk in the workplace, in schools, in churches and everywhere we gather to socialise. They do so when we ride the bus, when they go to restaurants, bars, rum shacks, beaches, music venues, Gov’t offices, hotels, markets, stores, etc. Anywhere, Anytime!

In his address to the nation Friday night it appeared that the PM spent more time encouraging Grenadians to eat “organic food, exercising and taking supplements” rather than inspiring and motivating the doubters, the conspiracy theorists, those spreading lies, misinformation and encouraging “witch doctor” cures, to do what is right for the nation.

Leadership takes courage and resolve and rising above the political calculus and speaking truth to the people. Grenada was one of the world leaders in 2020 keeping its citizens safe from Covid-19.

Grenada can lead the way forward once again (as St. Kitts is doing) if it’s willing to stand up for what it believes in, namely vaccines.

Why would you require foreigners to be fully vaccinated to enter Grenada and then expose them to a population that remains 75% unvaccinated?

The right course of action at home may be unpopular at the outset, but that will change when we start to see the positive results of 50%-70% of those eligible to receive the vaccine and take the jab.

Vaccinations are the “long term” and enduring solution at this stage of the pandemic while Lockdowns are a temporary “stop-gap” measure that will cause more harm than good.

Let’s have the courage of our convictions. Let’s follow the advice of the overwhelming majority of our health professionals, of the world’s health professionals, rather than the self-anointed faux experts and loud mouths on Facebook and Twitter, and get vaccinated.

With seven more deaths in just 24 hours, to say our lives and livelihoods depend on it, is not hyperbole!

Mike Meranski