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The Carnival noise

I want to write a little about noise at Carnival time when it is often unbearable for hours at a time.

Starting only from the Saturday night, noise was all night with wake up noise at 4:30 a.m. coming from the Netball Court where lights blazed all night getting into people’s bedroom windows – music blazing.

What I need to ask the Police is why permission was given for an event there when there was NO ONE present? Why did this area have to put up with this for NOBODY?

Noise continued straight through and this is the part we expect as they say ‘You have to put up with it, it’s Carnival”. It went on till 11.a.m. especially as the Jab Jab bands got stuck and could not get onto the Carenage. It started again at 2 pm. and went on til 7.

It then started again for Monday night Mas from 10 until 2 a.m. This was when the trucks passed near with full volume and the foundations of the house shuddered, the windows rattled.

With cotton wool in my ears I could not hear myself or my husband speak and 2 feet away could hear nothing on TV. The phone rang but my husband could not hear a word.

Useless to call the police as they could not have heard. I am glad the house is not mine, and I believe the foundations are damaged by noise and can show the cracks to prove it.

Someone should sue for this. After 2 a.m. I tried to sleep but my body got confused and kept jumping awake every hour. Tuesday came, things were quiet till the bands came at 3 p.m. then stopped for rain.

From 5 p.m. torture again as described above until 12 midnight. So if anyone asks -did you enjoy Carnival? How should I answer?

One question I have is – what is the need for the noise? As the Non-Event on Saturday night proves loud music does not bring people, all it does is hurt people’s ears and damage property.

PS: Thanks to the Steelband practice as they were able to keep the volume down. Love it too.

Heather Sylvester