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Stop the political madness

In 2018, NNP won 15 seats and NDC, 0. NNP therefore had 15 Members of Parliament (MPs). Because the NDC did not win any seats, they appointed one of their members to take care of the party’s business in each constituency. Thus, the NDC had 15 caretakers.

When Tobias Clement left the NNP, that party no longer had an MP in St. George North East (SGNE). Eventually, they appointed Nimrod Ollivierre as caretaker for the constituency and there is nothing wrong with that.

Let us look now at South St. George (SSG) and St. Patrick West (SPW). In both cases, the elected MPs, Steele and Boatswain, are still members of the NNP. They are paid by the taxpayers to look after the interests of their respective constituencies. There is therefore no need for an NNP “caretaker” in either of these two constituencies.

Even though Ollivierre is a legitimate NNP caretaker for SGNE, he has no business overseeing the spending of taxpayers’ monies. Any government programme or project should be under the purview of the elected MP, Tobias Clement.

Regarding SSG and SPW, it is an insult to the people of these constituencies, as well as open disrespect for the Grenada constitution to have Cox and Phillip openly usurping the functions of the elected MPs.

The NNP is blatantly using taxpayers’ money to fund the campaigns of Ollivierre, Cox and Phillip. Tobias Clement, as MP for SGNE, ought to demand that Ollivierre be stopped from deciding who should or shouldn’t get government assistance.

Steele and Boatswain must also step up and serve the people they are supposed to represent or resign and allow the people of SSG and SPW to elect new representatives.

The NDC, TUC, GCIC, Civil Society and individuals who respect the rule of law must call on the Governor General to stop this assault on the constitution immediately!

Rodney Mc Queen