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Sister Gloria please, not Phillip

There is something that I need to draw to the attention of our new party leader, Dickon Mitchell with respect to the selection of the Caretaker/Candidate for the St. Andrew North-west constituency.

At the moment, we are hearing that Phillip Alexander and Sister Gloria are the two main contenders for the position.

It is well-known by most of the supporters that Sister Gloria is the better choice but a small clique in the constituency is doing their utmost to try and frustrate her from getting the nod.

Phillip is not a bad person but he does not have the support in the constituency to win it for NDC.

Phillip is not living in the constituency anymore and is not on the ground as much as Sister Gloria.

The best thing that Dickon could do is to hold a poll in the constituency not only among NDC supporters but in general and see how the people feel about both Phillip and Gloria.

I will bet my last dollar that Philip will lose and quite easily.

Sister Gloria has touched the lives of many more people in St Andrew North-west than Phillip.

In my view, the NDC also needs to come up with more female candidates to bring better gender balance to the politics especially in St. Andrew’s.

I want to suggest that the senior people in the party should talk Phillip out of wanting to be the candidate and allow Gloria to go forward because she would be able to attract the kinds of votes that he would not even dream of getting in the yellow column.

Delma will be smiling if Phillip is the candidate but will be shimmering and shaking in her boots if she knows that Sister Gloria will be challenging her for the seat.

One of my NNP friends told me that Delma did not want to run again but the big man told her she has to contest the upcoming election for the sake of the party.

St Andrew North-west has a history of giving the incumbent two straight terms and it is time for Delma to go but with Phillip she will easily defeat him at the polls.

One of the problems with my party is that some people are not team players and cannot look at the bigger picture and want to have things their own way.

If no poll is done then for the sake of NDC, Dickon must call in Phillip and tell him straight to the face that he should allow Sister Gloria to go forward and if the party wins the elections he would get an opportunity to serve in some other capacity.

We don’t like Keith Mitchell but we can learn some things from him in how he handles political situations.

For example, in the lead up to the 2018 election, we heard that Nolan Cox won the poll that was conducted with Kindra Maturine-Stewart and Simon Stiell to pick the candidate for Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The PM didn’t want to run Cox, who came from the NDC side and was suspected to be pro-Peter David.

What Keith did was to call all three and tell them that he is going with Kindra and that both Cox and Stiell will get something to do in the government and he kept the promise made to them.

Today Cox is posed to run as a candidate for NNP in South St George as replacement for Nickolas Steele.

As a stalwart NDC supporter, there is nothing wrong in taking on board this kind of lesson from Keith. What we don’t want to take from the NNP is bubul and corruption.

The NDC needs to put the best candidates forward in keeping with the new slogan in going forward – Movement for Change.

Gloria is the better choice and not Phillip when it comes to change in St Andrew North-west.

I invite Dickon to come on the ground in the constituency and feel the pulse of the people and not rely on the old guards like Glen Noel, Phillip and Persuader and them.

Claudette is bawling in the Town of St George and complained that it was the old guards that conspired to keep her out of the post of Deputy Political Leader of NDC in the October 31 convention.

Please be minded that I was not supporting Claudette but she made the point that the so-called old guards worked against her.

NDC, we can defeat Keith if we select the best candidates and do the political work that is needed to ensure victory whenever Keith calls the election.

Hardcore NDC Supporter