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Sandra responds to Kem Jones

Mr. Kem Jones
Eagle’s Eye & People’s Court

November 5th, 2021

My Good Friend, Kem Jones,

Re …Crushing Sandra Ferguson and We the People and Dem

Your messages have been received:-

“…I will defend Dickon Mitchell at all costs and the new candidates that will emerge”

“…Do not spread ole talk and lies…”

“…My objective is to get Dickon Mitchell elected Prime Minister…”

“…NO ONE will prevent that from happening …else you will be crushed….I am not talking about physically…”

“….my good friend Sandra Ferguson and We the People …..all yuh could write a million articles…”

“….all yuh could attack Dickon and I will take on all of you…”

“…..I will get down in the mud…. Ah will clean the floor….”

“….I was sent here to do this and I must do this….”

“Me and you will always be good friends …we will always be good…..”

I can only conclude that my We the People due diligence piece on the persons who were the frontline contenders for the position of Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress seemed to have infuriated you and now that Your Anointed has emerged the undisputed victor, you have decided to issue THREATS to persons like me who ask inconvenient questions. You seem to consider those inconvenient questions and truths to be “spreading ole talk and lies”!

My good friend, I began writing We the People articles during the election campaign of 2003, during which time you were probably being socialised as a New National Party student activist. I began writing because I got tired of the Pied Piper politics which took advantage of people’s lack of information and understanding of key issues, feeding them lies and empty promises.

I committed myself to making a contribution to enhancing citizens’ understanding of various issues so that they would be in a better position to make deliberate, informed decisions/choices and ask questions of those who were wooing their votes. I have not wavered in that commitment over the years.

My articles elicited the wrath of some people. There were those who maligned and abused me but there were many more who have expressed their appreciation of this effort. But in all of my eighteen years of writing We the People articles, no one has ever threatened me publicly. Yours is indeed a FIRST!! But, as my mother used to say, “yuh cyah play mas’ and ‘fraid powder”!!

Let me explain to you, my good friend…Back in 1973, when I was a secondary school student, recovering from the psychological trauma of an attack on my family by Gairy’s infamous Mongoose Gang and the near death of my father, I was inspired by the words of the Julius Caesar play that my Literature class was studying, “Cowards die many times before their death….”

I resolved that I would NEVER permit anyone to intimidate me, no matter how high and mighty, big and bad, mean and lowly or in between. So, my good friend, I will not be intimidated or cowed into silence by your threats to “crush Sandra Ferguson and We the People and all ah dem!!”

So go right ahead my good friend, get down in the mud and do your crushing!! I will go in the opposite direction. To signal my goodwill, I invite you to identify the “ole talk and lies” that my due diligence piece has spread. Identify the errors and falsehoods. I am ready to retract them and offer a public apology, IF so found.

My good friend, I do recall when you began your programme in 2013 after the clean sweep victory of the New National Party. Your programme was an alternative voice whose influence has grown over the years. Your initiative, courage, persistence, dedication and HARD WORK are admirable and worthy of emulation. But my good friend, beware of overconfidence. It could lead to fatal errors!

Walk good as you continue your political journey! May you be blessed and guided by the Most High!

Your good friend,

Sandra C.A. Ferguson