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Fellow citizens,

Here are three important matters pertaining to the Parliamentary Elections Office:

1. Consolidated List: The Official Consolidated List of Electors as at 30 June 2021 is now available online and at many public locations for inspection. There is a 7-day period for claims and objections from 15 July to 22 July 2021. These may include requests for corrections, deletions or omissions of names, addresses and polling divisions of registered persons which should be submitted to the Registration Officer of the constituency office on or before 22 July 2021.

Be sure to check this list for your names and other information thoroughly in the coming days as the 22 July 2021 is this coming Thursday. Remember, if your name is missing or the information is incorrect, it could mean that you would not be able to exercise your right to vote on Election Day or you could show up at the wrong polling station. So, be diligent!

2. Covid-19 vaccines: There are allegations of people being turned away from some parliamentary offices when they show up to register or renew their Voters ID cards. They are being asked if they are vaccinated and if they are not, they are being told to return after being vaccinated. If this is true, then it is unlawful and should be immediately ceased. I am hereby calling on the Supervisor of Election to come out and make a statement to clear the air on these disturbing allegations.

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3. Expired voter ID cards: If you have one of those Voter ID cards which expired on 31 January 2020, it does not mean that you have to re-register. You are being told that you have to do so and when you get there, you are being asked to present all of your legal documents again.This is unnecessary as having your expired card means that you are already registered. You do not need an ID card to vote. As long as your name is on the list and there are no changes from your last registration, you are eligible to vote.

Continue to check the list and if your name has been removed, then contact the office on or before 22 July 2021. If you do not have one of those cards which expired 31 January 2020, then you would need to present your legal documents to re-register in order for your name to be on the list. Do not think that vaccination has anything to do with getting registered to vote. Do not be intimidated, deterred or discouraged about being registered. It is your democratic right – vaccinated or not! It is important that all eligible individuals do whatever is necessary to ensure that you are eligible to vote on next Election Day.

I thank you!

Valerie Thompson is a Grenadian-born social activist