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‘Phyllis Coard – the Grenadian Assassin’

After listening to Hudson Austin on Tuesday and on the previous interview, I am convinced that he was only a figurehead, not 100% in charge of the PRA. He was used unknowingly as a front man and also unbeknown to Maurice Bishop.  In fact, both HA and Maurice were deceived by Coard who had a different agenda.

Being deputy, he was able to gain the respect of the army who followed orders. Not satisfied with being deputy, the scheme of JOINT leadership was hatched by Phyllis to be implemented by Coard, to promote himself, meaning that he will have as much power as Maurice.

I believe that Coard, although brilliant, got his strength from his wife, Phyllis. She pushed him and urged him to achieve his goals. Grenadian women are not usually as strong and aggressive as Jamaican women. If there was no Phyllis Coard, there would have been a very co-operative, humble, submissive Bernard Coard who would never dare to pull off what occurred despite his desires.

It is clear that Phyllis also wished to be promoted instead of being in the shadows of Bishop and his female partner (JC). What eventually occurred was bound to happen, if not then, definitely later, as the successful revolution under Maurice was for and about the people while the more sinister cell was operating beneath/within – which would be against the desire of the people as it was clear that one side was democratic and the other was hardline Communistic/Marxist/Leninist.

It appears that Maurice and HA were sincere Christians and trusted that all were on the same page. Not so! It is clear that Coard did not want any more successes under Bishop. Joint Leadership was mandatory so that he, Coard could also be powerful and successful and get some praises.

The soldiers followed orders which were handed down without even thinking. They themselves never realised that they were manipulated by Phyllis Coard through Bernard Coard. I believe that the Grenada Revolution failed because of the devious manipulation of Phyllis Coard. The aspirations of Phyllis and Bernard were about them…the two of them only.

For them, it was about jealousy and power – never about Grenada and its people. Since 1983, Grenada has not been able to move forward. There is something about Phyllis Coard still hanging over our country. To me, Phyllis made history. She destroyed Grenada!

If I had to write a book about our revolution, I would call it: ‘Phyllis – the Grenadian Assassin’.

Revo Child