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Our country is sinking to a new low

The cleaning up in National Security needs to start from the very top as the Minister of National Security needs to excuse himself from the office.

After such major blunders with murdered US nationals and the outrageous gun violence in the past few months, then to come in a press conference and say he has full confidence in the Commissioner of Police, then the Minister responsible for National Security is clearly delusional.

I am convinced that the Minister for National Security has absolutely no clue about what the office requires. What is even more embarrassing is that he is also the Prime Minister, and he must know that when you speak, you also speak as the Prime Minister.

Additionally, the Police Commissioner needs to go home and continue in his slumber because he is clearly asleep on the job.

He has shown no signs of taking charge of the situation, and if we are to agree with his assumptions, he is in a situation that is above his pay grade and competency.

Our country is sinking to a new low, and the Prime Minister needs to know that EVERY ASPECT AND COMPONENT OF HIS TERM IN OFFICE DEPENDS ON THE SECURITY OF THE COUNTRY of which he is in charge.

National Defender