The New Today


“Occupational Health & Safety”

Dear Editor

In the introduction to the above captioned article in the December 22nd issue of the New Today, you stated that: “THE NEW TODAY has been able to obtain a comprehensive report on OSH that was done by a retired senior employee in the Ministry of Labour Reginald Lord that focused on OSH at the workplace.”

I wish to inform you that the above statement is incorrect; the document was not done by the above-mentioned individual.

The document which you printed in the article is the OSH Policy which was done in collaboration with a number of local stakeholders, assisted by the ILO Office in Trinidad and their Consultant, Mr Ariel Pino.

As Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Labour during that period, Mr Pino, worked diligently with the Ministry of Labour in the final preparation of the OSH Policy.

The Preamble to the document, the OSH Policy, gives a clear indication as to the activities leading up to creation of the document.

While the aforementioned individual was involved in the consultations and the Sept 28, 2018 Seminar leading to the development of the document, he was NOT the creator of the OSH POLICY.

The OSH POLICY and/or its excerpts, which you printed in your newspaper, is available at the Ministry of Labour and the Policy document also gives the list of stakeholders involved in its development. A copy of the Policy is also available at the ILO’s Office in Trinidad.

N.B. Also available at the Ministry of Labour is a Power Point Presentation (with pictures), listing the requirements necessary when an applicant is applying for a work permit. The presentation was developed to be aired as is on television or it can be converted into a video by GIS as necessary.

A Work Permit Procedural Manual is also available at the Ministry. These information/documents were developed during my tenure at the Ministry of Labour.

The importance of fact checking information is becoming extremely urgent in this modern technological era.

Thank you.

Lima Frederick (Ms.)
Permanent Secretary (Ret.)
Ministry of Labour