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No time to waste – Wake up

After the trauma of 1983, we had no choice but to take a pause, to reflect on where we went wrong.

The finger pointings and blame rested on a few (and understandably so).

After the shock, festered anger separated comrades, diminished ranks, while others found themselves in a rut without any safety net to rescue them; they too needed intervention, a rescue mission; sadly, many in their weaning years are in the battalion of the “unforgettables”

And in the midst of all that, Grenadians found a way to apply a fragile type of forgiveness.

Later, Hurricanes Ivan and Emily (with the former more devastating), shredded the country, leaving hillsides bald, farms and estates barren; homes roofless, including houses of worship marked out for the more severe of punishment:

As tabled in the Bible: “Vengeance and judgment will begin at my house”.

Soon after, sobriety engulfed the nation and many built altars under umbrellas and tarpaulins for thanksgiving and prayers. That was short-lived, giving way to the poisonous venom of politics – corrupted by colours instead of a clear vision, a way forward.

This brings me to our present state and spate of violence we are experiencing in our beautiful country today: “It’s just a matter of time”, not acceptable.

We can blame negative foreign influences (maybe). Imported bad boys mentality (probably). Lack of good parenting (possibly).

Now, what will be our recourse in ensuring the safety of our nation? Prayers, parroting, parenting, preaching? All the above!

What is imperative though, is an aggressive strategy (plan) to reclaim what is rightfully ours (Peace).

Patrolling both land and sea, policing and insulating the well-known crevices (including the port) where these weapons are passing through.

Security forces with only two eyes will lose this battle.

This scourge requires eyes in the front, at the back and both sides.

The source may not be the small man…Look at the Politician, the Policeman, and yes, the Priest too. We saw this type of behaviour before, but not on such a bold scale.

Be your brother’s keeper, not as enablers but to assist for the best of the place we so proudly boast of as a PARADISE.

The Depo