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Neglected Property on Jumbie Road

I am writing to you today with an urgent plea regarding a dire situation unfolding on Jumbie Road in Tempe. The state of a neighbouring property has deteriorated to a point of grave concern, posing significant health and safety risks to the entire community.

The property in question has been shamefully neglected by its owners, resulting in a scene of abandonment and decay. An abandoned house stands amidst an overgrown jungle of vegetation, with bushes reaching heights of over 5 feet. This unchecked growth has become a haven for rodents, snakes, and other
vermin, creating an environment that is not only unsightly but perilous for nearby residents.

Furthermore, the negligence of the property owners has led to a disturbing situation where neighbouring goats are frequently found tied onto the property. This has only exacerbated the problem, contributing to an unbearable stench from the goats defecation that now permeates the air in the surrounding area.

Despite repeated attempts to address the issue, including contacting the Ministry of Health on several occasions, there has been a shocking lack of action taken to rectify the situation. It is unacceptable that such a serious health hazard is being allowed to persist unchecked.

As a concerned member of the community, I implore your publication to shed light on this urgent matter and advocate for the swift intervention of relevant authorities. The health and well-being of residents are at stake, and immediate action is imperative to address this pressing concern.

I urge the Ministry of Health to fulfill its duty to safeguard public health by taking decisive action to compel the owners of the neglected property to rectify the situation without further delay. The safety of our community must be prioritised above all else. I trust in the power of your publication to bring about positive change and hold accountable those responsible for neglecting their responsibilities to the community.