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NDC’ites need to tone down

The success of one’s leadership depends on the team that he surrounded him or herself with.

It’s all well and good to extend congratulations to Dickon Mitchell, the newly elected leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on his resounding victory at the October 31th 2021 Convention.

The party definitely needed a change of leadership likewise rebranding and restructuring. NDC had gone through (2) successive failed election losses and as a result they were left in the doldrums more or less in exile for 8 straight years waiting on Moses to deliver or take them into the promised land “one that flows with milk and honey.”

But can they win the upcoming election? What are their strategies? Do they have a message that can resonate with the people? Can they appeal to the 20,000 plus voters that abstained from the polls in the 2018 general election?

What about restoring [confidence] and [trust] in people who have lost hope in the movement? This can be an uphill battle, a daunting task that needs to be undertaken urgently.

I’m sure many of their supporters must have swayed over on the opponent’s side over the last fifteen years. But can they convince these swing voters to return to their home base?

Those are crucial questions that need to be answered immediately. And don’t think because I’m asking those questions, I’m anti-NDC, because whoever needs my vote, needs to convince me that I can cast my ballot in the next general election in their direction based on conviction.

I cannot afford another spoiled vote this time around because Grenada needs rescuing from these political thieves who are raping and pillaging our beautiful country.

I’m asking those important questions because as a citizen of this country I’m very concerned as an electorate. I love my country and I don’t want to see her falling into the wrong hands again.

I’m tired of useless politicians bringing forth lots of empty promises, I’m tired of pie in the sky and manna falling from heaven – because what we need are statesmen and stateswomen, not more politicians.

We need men and women, who’re willing to serve and die for this country – not opportunists or opportunistic people and gravy train hoppers who are out to rape and pillage beautiful Grenada.

I know for a fact that my vote is valuable, and it certainly can make a difference just like everyone else’s.

I’m happy that a young person has taken up the mantle and that’s what makes the process of Democracy a beautiful one. In the past I have always advocated for young people to get involved in politics. I have written numerous articles as it relates to the involvement of young people in politics.

I’m excited that someone has answered the call but my advice to him is be careful, be sober, be vigilant of those in his company especially the team whom he surrounds himself with, because the same ones that emulated his triumphant victory can be the same ones who would stab you in the back.

I’m sure the new leader probably heard of the soothsayer’s warning to Julius Caesar “Beware of the Ides of March” in William Shakespeare play and that phrase can still be relevant today especially to those who are in leadership positions.

Like many other concerned people, I will be watching from the fences, looking on in. Those who have been called to serve or maybe have aspirations of becoming Grenada’s next Prime Minister must remember the future of Grenada’s democracy is in your hands, please don’t disappoint us.

Many of us need to ensure that we answer our calling in this nation building process by joining hands in doing the right thing for Grenada. Grenada needs her sons and daughters to come to her rescue.

It was former President Barack Obama who said and I quote, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for. We’re the change we seek.”

Recently, social media have been abuzz with lots of excitement over Dickon’s leadership role but despite the excitement Political Sectarianism has been taking place – this isn’t the change I anticipated and what’s happening now it’s bothering me.

Many simple-minded supporters are behaving irrational and disrespectful to other individuals who might’ve expressed a different opinion other than the one they hold – for example a blistering attack was meted out on Sandra Ferguson whose an advocate for “We The People” – she was harassed and heckled on social media lately by a “piss potty” so-called radio program host, likewise by a lewd young lady masquerading as an advocate just because she expressed her views and concerns in a recent newspaper article entitled, “Political/Party Leader Position for Sale” and she was ridiculed by many people for doing so.

Is this what our democracy has come to, that good citizens are being ridiculed, muzzled or gagged for being outspoken?

The likes of Eddie and others have become constant mouthpieces and defenders for the newly elected NDC political leader – what happened to political neutrality? What happened to being fair and balanced in journalism? What is all this level of protectionism all about?

Dickon has entered public life and he will face scrutiny from the court of public opinion and that’s perfectly normal.

To be honest, the atrocious behaviours are sickening by those empty-headed individuals. Odette Campbell is constantly being harassed and ridiculed by pig-headed, ignorant people for the way she interviewed Dickon Mitchell. And her name was trending all over social media, along with many disrespectful, nasty and fatuous comments that followed from ill-advised individuals.

My question though is this – didn’t the leader give a very good account of himself? Wasn’t he very astute? Did he lodged any complaints with Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) as it relates to the interview?

AS A PEOPLE WE JUST LOVE TO MAJOR IN MINORS. I really don’t see what the big issue was, because that’s just Odette’s style — she was just being her own unique self, unfortunately she can’t be someone else especially who or what the naysayers want her to be.

I believe the leadership of the party needs to come out and condemn the actions of these ruthless and dog eat dog uncanny behaviour by those who are bringing the party into disrepute. Otherwise they SHALL be responsible for his demise, likewise his political career in politics. Dickon needs to encourage his supporters to stop sowing seeds of discord.

We’re now seeing what looks like another brand of CULTISM taking place among these supporters and this is bad for our democracy because we cannot afford to have these minority RABBLE ROUSER fractions undermining the process for the newly installed leader.

This isn’t what we want to see happening among our people, because these individuals are supposed to be better than the current administration supporters, but they’ve proven otherwise because this is senseless behaviour.

This kind of behaviour reminds me of the PRG boys that wanted power so badly that lies and propaganda were peddled on Uncle Gairy which proved to be untrue. And in the end it ended badly for them.

My advice to members and supporters likewise the leadership of the party, pay keen attention to what’s unfolding around you and don’t allow your supporters to be riled up because not all dogs that bark stones must be pelted.

Always remember these Latin words [FESTINA LENTE] meaning make haste slowly: proceed expeditiously but prudently. And don’t count your chickens before they hatch and lastly, do not underestimate your opponent for he might be aged but “he’s a smart man” so know the art of war by Sun Tzu and plan your every move well.

Brian J.M Joseph