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Myths are often built upon truth

Donald Trump used a motto of “Making America Great Again”, building up a lie or presumption that America was once great, but is not so right now. In the statement we find various messages.

America was once great but is not so right now.

By saying it Donald Trump creates a presumption that he can make America Great again.

Actually Donald often said to large crowds that “We must make America great again”. Making the crowd inclusive in this process is essential. Donald was talking to Americans who felt out of place in their own country, unable to recognise it when compared to America in the past.

Many lived in small communities, urban ghettos where they feared the police and or hated the Big Corporations that promised to create jobs in their towns permanently. Many corporations simply left these small communities.

The present day election for President has Donald Trump in the lead overcoming President Biden by a few points. The myth, the accepted lie, still works for Donald.

Many Creative Works of Art, literature, sculpture, comic books are based upon a person, an event, a time in history frozen in time, but easily reactivated using technology and the creators imagination.

Myths develop over time as readers, viewers experience the creativity and accept the communication of this artform, making it a part of society’s culture.

Have you ever seen old films showing the crazy historic period of the great depression and the years of criminality throughout the 1920-1930’s? The FBI, those G Men are shown to be heroes taking on Al Capone, Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, The Barker Brothers with Ma Barker.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation took 5 years to clean these renegades up, and when they finished G.E. Hoover and the FBI became myths to many Americans.

An incident happened where The Barker Boys were thought to be in a hotel, so the FBI surrounded it and shot over 3 thousand rounds into the structure. They shot Ma Barker but the rest of the gang escaped.

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Hoover was outraged by the performance of his G Men and they also killed an innocent woman to boot. The Federal Government spoke to film makers and newspapers asking them to present Ma Barker as the leader of the gang, a horrible mad killer toting a machine gun in the films.

Furthest from the reality of the situation, but what they managed to do is divert any damaging news of their incompetence, and create the myth of the infamous “Ma Barker Gang”.

A movie was made of Bonnie and Clyde, showing these murderers to be heroes of the people who were slaughtered by ambitious police officers. They were murderous criminals, not victims, yet the myth of Bonnie and Clyde continues to this day.

Louis Riel and his followers rebelled against the Canadian Government in Ottawa, fighting for either representation of their people in Canada or building their own nation within Canada.

The Canadian and British media presented them as outlaws that need to be arrested and hanged for treason and murder. Louis got a very bad reputation through the efforts of our Government, yet now Louis Riel is seen by many Metis and Canadians as a Hero to his people, a myth renewed in time.

People become myths, write stories about myths and their power over the public in a historic and contemporary way.

Pop Eye the sailor man, with his pipe, and massive arms was a fighter, drinker and very real. The character Pop Eye was based upon a real man who lived by the sea and perhaps did love a lady known as Olive.

Check it out, and next time you hear of a myth or a story perhaps sounding untrue look into it my friends and enjoy. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario