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Minister Steele is an embarrassment

I was disappointed to see our very own Minister of Health make a major faux pas by breaching his own Ministry’s COVID guidelines by not wearing a mask, and then having to be fined. But what was worse is that because of the individual he was with, actor Steven Seagal, the news has made international headlines.

How does the Minister now seek to correct the public and ask them to comply?

But it gets worse. As if it was not bad enough that the person as Health Minister breached the legislation, but in reading up on the story I found that Mr. Seagal is being sought after by the United States Security Exchange Commission for failing to disclose revenue he had collected.

In fact a Federal Judge had to issue an order against him to collect fines and penalties worth over US$200,000 after Seagal made just one payment, and was delinquent with what he owed the US government.

Add to that the gentleman is now a Russian citizen, and has relocated to Russia.

Considering one of our closest and most powerful neighbours is the United States, Minister Steele’s actions do not paint the brightest of pictures.

In fact it takes me back to last December when the Minister called international attention to our island over a crisis, which, while concerning, was quite within our ability to control. Instead it led to regional and global media attention and caused the hotel sector to be shut down.

Minister Steele continues to do things that can embarrass Grenada, and I want to urge the good gentleman to get his act together.

Frank Solomon