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Keith Mitchell is not worthy of leadership of a nation

I vividly recall my intrigue in the young Dr. Keith Mitchell in the early to mid-1990s when he would visit my hometown of Gouyave to give speeches on the premises of the Nutmeg Processing Station or Nutmeg Pool as we would say in the local parlance.

His message of revolutionising the various sectors of our economy and society with new and innovative ways, to transform our society, was ringing in my young ears. I was very attentive as I was very much interested in the political and social welfare of my community and country.

One is adept to have such inclination when community matters. In the current climate of a sustained uncertainty that seems to pervade our social and economic landscapes, it would be remiss of me or anyone who is forty or older to not acknowledge the clear contribution of the current Prime Minister and leader of the NNP in preventing sustainable growth of the nation.

The chief reason for such has to do with KCM’s very personality. It is the one factor that I had wantonly overlooked in the 1990s when I lived in Grenada (notwithstanding I knew little about the man). In fact, I have arrived at the conclusion that KCM should never be the Prime Minister in the first place.

The mister is by far the most cantankerous and vindictive leader we have had as a politically independent nation, so much so that he can blatantly and constantly seek to embarrass and victimise others without remorse. Moreover, his evident disregard for transparency in handling the nation’s affairs is tantamount to tyranny.

His very low regard for respect of his office and the citizenry is on display almost on a daily basis, from his refusal to provide the public with pertinent information of public finances, to blatantly going against the people’s wishes in the use of the country’s patrimony/natural resources, to plainly lying about the intended use of land areas such as the current rate of development in La Sagesse, St. David.

What we have on our hands in that of KCM is a very unhealthy personality. Grenada currently, and for some time now, has a narcissistic individual as its Prime Minister. That could only spell trouble for the growth of any social environment, much less a young nation.

KCM is toxic in plain and simple terms. The divisiveness that has become a hallmark of electoral politics and beyond in our nation is part and parcel of KCM’s legacy. The increasing dependency in our nation is nurtured in a stagnant environment where respect for the citizens is greatly truncated by a personality that seeks free reign from honest and trustworthy governance.

For Grenada to truly embrace change, it has to start with recognising where we as a people stand with the current Prime Minister and his administration; that a continuation of the status quo is just that.

Grenada desperately needs transformation. And I am sorry to break the news to you: KCM and his administration are not positioned to deliver such a transformation. Thirty-eight years is a lot of years serving in government. We ought not need another five years to learn our lesson that KCM is not worthy of leadership of a nation.

Yao Atunwa