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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Grenada’s Covid crisis is the work of Keet Me-Shell and NNP. They gambled with Grenadians’ lives from the start of the pandemic.

Here are the simple facts:

Secret Chinese night-time flights in early 2020. They denied at first but were forced to admit when an airport worker blew the whistle.

Special favours to NNP promoters to hold carnival shows in 2020 and 2021. This created the conditions for other citizens to defy the government and play jab.

Uneven and unfair application of Covid-19 protocols. Anyone remember Nimrod’s funeral?

Reducing the quarantine period to 48 hours or less, even though they knew that vaccinated people can spread the virus.

Lack of preparation for a Covid outbreak, even with almost two years to get ready: shortage of trained personnel; lack of a separate Covid treatment unit; insufficient ventilators … and the list could go on.

When Steele said people would die, he knew what he was saying. A Commander sending his troops to battle knows that some will die.

The difference in Grenada’s case is that no one had to die from Covid. In spite of the bungling and Russian roulette of the NNP, we had managed to dodge the bullet until the quarantine period was drastically cut to attract tourists so that Keet could boast of a booming economy for the upcoming election.

NNP knew that they were exposing Grenadians to the deadly Covid-19 but Keet felt that the risk was acceptable. Now, poor jab getting the blame for an economic policy decision of the NNP government!

How come jab play almost nonstop from August 2020 to August 2021 with NO outbreak? How come you never hear NNP apologists talk about moonlite CT, Junkshan, Prickle Bey, Annandale and other places of mass gatherings?

Grenadians, we are here because Keet and his 13 NNP disciples said “to hell with health; let’s revive tourism in time for election.” When you gamble $3.00 on macco man in playway, you lose a bus fare. Sadly, Keet’s quarantine gamble is now claiming the lives of you and your family.

By fixing something that was working well, NNP show quite clearly that they don’t mind sacrificing your life just to stay in power.

Mitchell De Lawrence