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Gregory and the Maslow theory

This past week, after Keet displayed his usual ‘commonness’ in our House which should be more appropriately referred to as the House of Commons, I couldn’t miss part of Gregory’s contribution. He touched on Maslow while explaining that the basic needs of people are physiological ones like food and shelter.

How much does Gregory really know about Maslow’s theory? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has FIVE stages. Maslow believed that the basic needs should be first satisfied before individuals could move up to the other stages. The last stage of Maslow’s theory is stage five – the stage of Self Actualisation.

If the intention of the current government was to actually improve the lives of Grenadians, could you imagine how much we could have prospered over the years?

Instead, we are psychologically CONTROLLED by the politicians. Brainwashed. With the level of handouts, we are expected to remain loyal and always VOTE for you and your government. Like chickens in a yard, having wings but never encouraged to use them to fly, as long as our basic physiological needs are met.

So Gregory, why are most Grenadians still at the very FIRST stage after so many years of your government? The only people who have reached the FIFTH stage of SELF-ACTUALISATION – under this current government – are the government ministers and its cabal – a very small percentage of the Grenadian population!

The majority of Grenadians including most of the pot-hounds of the ruling political party are still at the lowest stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!

Fellow Grenadians, we must learn to think for ourselves, refuse to be manipulated by the politicians, change our attitudes, learn to fly, educate ourselves and work hard. We must improve our level of productivity to become productive.

We have to realise that our own public resources are being used by those in authority to bribe us for our votes and we must put an end to this practice. We have the power in our hands to do so. We must get registered, go out and vote for change. We must install a government which will help us to achieve sustained development to improve our standard of living to move us towards real self-actualisation.

So Gregory, next time, before you open your mouth to explain your government’s inept and incompetent performance, know that there are educated people listening and what you say may only make you all look worse. Take my advice and if you really want to improve the lives of the Grenadian people, then you must stay away from the topic of Maslow and any other psychologists, encourage your side-kick to ring the bell and get out of the way.

You and your government have failed miserably. You all have set the country back about 75 years and Grenadians are fed up with the whole lot of you. Our people are gradually waking up and will do what is best in due course!

Valerie Thompson
Social Activist