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Give Dickon a chance

Congratulations to Mr Dickon Mitchell on his overwhelming victory as the newly elected NDC Leader. I truly admire your bravery, tenacity, courage and fortitude for taking up this insurmountable challenge at a time when our Nation Grenada is in dire need of change.

I remember in the 1980s when Keith Mitchell came on the scene, the theme was “Give Keith a chance” now it is “Give Dickon a chance”. Grandpa has outlived his usefulness and is now stagnant and lacking in new ideas. Grenada has descended downhill on all fronts; economically, socially, educationally etc.

The road ahead for Dickon and the NDC will be long, winding and hard, especially as the second largest party in the country, has had their fair share of challenges. Their members are known for fighting down their very own, unlike with the NNP party. Some members, as well intentioned as they might be, fail to realise and understand that had Mr Burke been elected that would have been a recipe for disaster, another 15-0 defeat hands down.

It is now time to stop the fighting and pulling down like crabs in a barrel and unite and start to work together for the good of the Nation, and to put an end to Dictatorship, Corruption, Dishonesty, Deception, and Foreigners first mentality. There is now a fighting chance for Change. NDC, please do not self-destruct!!!

Take a page from the U.S politics with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – rivals vying for the nomination to run for President, but when Obama won, they quickly came together with one goal in mind…winning the Presidency for the U.S.A.

Dickon Mitchell has been a corporate lawyer here in Grenada as long as I can remember. We have criminal lawyers who defend criminals like 9 year old Ariel Bhola’s killer and the Indian gentleman who killed his Grenadian wife from La Borie in St Paul’s.

After serving his sentence, instead of facing deportation, he was allowed to remain in Grenada. Who is to be blamed here – the lawyer who represented him or the authorities who should have taken the necessary action to get him out of the country? Everyone is entitled to Legal Representation, rapists, murderers and even the Bishop killers had it.

Dickon Mitchell is not responsible for making laws in the Parliament of Grenada. He is a lawyer by profession, whose duty it is to dissect and argue the law and of course, represent his client to the best of his ability, whoever that client may be, as any other lawyer should do.

The Keith Mitchell administration makes the laws and if the laws were in favour of workers, then the lawyers representing workers will prevail. A shining example of this was the workers of the Grenada Breweries, when under Comrade Chess, the workers took strike action and lost.

Ask Chess this question – were the laws in favour of the workers or were the lawyers representing the Grenada Breweries to be blamed for their loss?

The Unions and Labour on a whole are being very hypocritical to now blame Dickon because he represented the workers at SGU. They know better, is this present administration for workers or are they the most anti-worker government in our history?

During the last Labour Day celebrations, I heard Brother Andre Lewis of Tawu and Comrade Brian Grimes of PWU call out NNP as the most anti-worker government in the history of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique. Did I lie on the two trade union leaders?

It was no one other than Dr. Keith Mitchell and Minister Steele who empowered employers such as SGU, Real Value, Sandals, SilverSands and others to mandate vaccination.

Their public utterances that while employees had the right to make a choice, employers also had a right to require vaccination for their employees to keep the workplace safe.

Had they said no mandatory vaccination and stuck to that, the door would not be opened for mandatory vaccination for employees.

Lest we forget, the hotel industry was threatened with being taken off the quarantine listing if all workers were not vaccinated. They went further to make laws under the Emergency Powers Act read by Attorney General Dia Forrester to the effect that workers be vaccinated by a specific time.

Did employers really have a choice not to request mandatory vaccination? The truth is Government strategically imposed vaccine mandates on businesses, hence the reason for workers’ dilemma now.

There are clear signs that the goodly young gentleman Dickon takes his job seriously and knows how to win.

The kind we need in Grenada at this time. He has winnings under his belt, not in politics of course, but in his chosen field or profession.

Though the task at hand is like climbing Mt St. Catherine, it is worth the shot, our best shot at this time, just like the vaccine for Covid-19!!! We cannot continue on this path as a nation, and we know too well that decades of destruction and a broken system by this administration cannot be fixed in 5 or even 10 years, but we must start somewhere.

As for Ms Rita Joseph letter in THE NEW TODAY, I am pretty sure that the solid client base mentioned such as major hotels, businesses, banks, WRB, Grenlec etc, they all exercised their choice to retain the services of Dickon Mitchell after the closure of Grant Joseph & Co.

Please Ms Joseph, is Dr Keith Mitchell (GrandPa) managing the country in a transparent manner? The Nation’s affairs have been entrusted to him for decades, Is he truthful? You had your day in Court and also in the Appeal Court against Dickon Mitchell and he won. Are the grapes too sour to swallow?

All these years of corruption, deception and dishonesty I have not heard you speak out against it, not once.

Open your closets and I am sure you will find skeletons there. So please take your personal vendetta elsewhere.

Ms Sandra Ferguson, why didn’t you come forward and put your hat in the ring? We need women too to come forward so we don’t continue with the same ole, same ole. A fresh face, a young face is welcome news.

Prior to Sunday, October 31st, I never bothered to register to vote, as I was so tired with Grandpa and the same ole, same ole. Now I am energised and will definitely go out and get registered together with my entire family to support this rising star.

As for Dickon’s marital status…DON’T GO THERE!!! Dr. Keith Mitchell sounded that warning some time ago when asked about his marital status, and up to this day we do not know whether he is married or divorced. Since we should not go there with Dr Mitchell, why go there now with Dickon? The holder of the office representing Her Majesty the Queen is single, and does it really matter?

The level of hypocrisy in the media is so blatant it isn’t funny. No wonder there is no faith and respect for them among the public. In other countries the Media is known as the 4th Estate and commands respect, because they hold Politicians accountable. Not in Grenada, with the exception of one local newspaper and one or two other journalists. The Media is really pathetic. As long as they can “eat a food”, they are willing to turn a blind eye, tow the line and find it easier to put out government press releases.

GBN after attempting to be independent a few weeks ago, was recently punished by GrandPa and his government which took away advertising from Lotto and Housing Authority….and soon enough they fell back in line, but were the advertisements given back?

It is too blatant in Grenada that some news clips or interviews conducted based on what is said, are not aired in some media houses.

To Dickon I say, keep up the fight, it will not be easy, but youth is on your side. The NNP propaganda machine will be working day and night to try and bring you down into the gutter, because that is what they know, gutter politics.

Grandpa had his time, now is time to give Dickon a Chance!!! The great John Lennon of The Beatles fame sang the song, “All we’re saying is give peace a chance” and in 1995, the NNP turned it around and said, “All we are saying is give Keith a chance”.

Well, he had his chance and the country is much poorer and I now invite Grenadians from St Patrick in the north to Point Salines in the south to join with me and sing, “All we are saying is give Dickon, the boy who grew up in poverty in St David and made it through hard work as a successful lawyer, a chance”.

Let us all put GrandPa in a wheelchair and send him off into retirement because the country is crying out for a fresh pair of legs to run things.

Woman for Change