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Dickonmania is the new pandemic variant

In recent times, the newest pandemic variant “Dickonmania” has taken Grenada by storm and it would appear that the NNP was never ready even if they were for almost two years asking Grenadians to get vaccinated.

It is unbelievable how the Dickonmania variant of the virus is being seen as crippling the entire ruling administration and its followers. I must applaud all Grenadians – those on board, those getting on board and those who will eventually get on board.

First of all let’s look at the recent Parliamentary sitting where all of the ministers spoke as if they were preparing for war. It was very shameful to have heard even the Speaker of the House laughing in the Honourable House.

Secondly, the Prime Minister was at his worst, like Dickon Mitchell has already won the house. Imagine all the ministers forgot their responsibilities and focused in the most part on Dickonmania.

The Prime Minister told so much untruth, it was like he still had Ramesh Maharaj from Trinidad by his side just in case he spoke the truth to defend him. This individual has not been truthful to the nation most of his political career, victimised public workers and failed to recognise the real needs of the people of the country.

Grenadians must come to the realization that there are some problems which are drivers of the failure of the public service. It is now definite that the Prime Minister, the Commissioner of Police, the head of the Public Service Commission, the Labour Commissioner and the Minister of Finance are responsible for the death of the public service and the prospects of development of this lovely country.

As it is said, security for prosperity. However, the Prime Minister has been plucking his nose in the running of the police force for decades and from Bedeau to James to the now undertaker Edvin Martin have been used to destroy the RGPF.

All police officers are lamenting now that Edvin Martin has failed them big time. As one officer put it, there is no way police will rest until a change comes to the force in time to come.

Imagine an officer like ASP Martin Joseph was denied promotion in favour of the relatives of politicians, and that cannot be right. Today one can easily conclude that the police force is at its best in the worst bracket.

The Prime Minister has told so many untruths to the police force so many times that the officers are now saying they can’t wait to go to the polls. Some police officers are saying that not even the Commissioner of Police is showing interest in doing anything good for the RGPF.

Another big lie by the NNP is that the fiscal space does not allow for certain financial spending but all of a sudden spontaneously so many projects start here and there. Lying, lying, lying that is Kief anyway.

My honest message to all Grenadians especially public servants is to get registered and remain poised with your fingers ready to be part of history when the bell rings which I hardly believe he may be able to even lift due to Dickonmania nervousness, as well as pandemising the NNP and its supporters.

Concern Citizen