The New Today


Call for change in Town

Mr. PM, I want to remind you of a song sung several years ago by Black Wizard about when the carnival is over.

The song is more appropriate this time than at any time as it can stand the test of time.

Because when the carnival is over Mr. PM you and NDC have to begin addressing some political issues if the party wants to remain in government.

I hope THE NEW TODAY would allow me the freedom to pontificate on a number of burning issues in the coming weeks and months that should be addressed with some degree of urgency and priority.

Mr Prime Minister, the Town of St George needs a new NDC Representative as CJ is not cutting it with the people.

If the folks that make up the NDC Town of St George Constituency branch are honest and speak the truth, they will tell you that CJ is a “no, no” and should just stick to the legal profession.

The members are complaining to other NDC supporters that since the election, the lady cannot point to any significant achievement in the constituency like Brother Andy in the South and Comrade Tevin in Carriacou.

Mr. PM, CJ and her executive members are not singing from the same hymn books in the Town of St George.

The folks on the ground are not with the NDC Lady in Town and calling for change.

Mr. PM, Peter is beatable with the right candidate but CJ is not the right choice.

The people are also whispering about her performance in the Republic Bank strike that was called by workers.

Is CJ the best that NDC can offer in Town. Hell, no!!!

The NDC Fighter