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Big Pharma, the new cartel: Those inflicted with pain are screwed

They come upon us as helpers, trying to assist us with the pain we experience. Whether found in our backs, arms or legs, even our minds, pain is there pounding away, stretching our ability to withstand its destructive, inner pulsating cry for absolution and normalcy.

Pain is everywhere, within most of us spreading its tentacles throughout our bodies and attacking our mind’s ability to find a resolution to our problems. Pain. Just awful itching feelings that attack our emotions, our reasons to live.

And then they come, the drug dealers are both legal and illicit – it’s true. It is like they can smell a person in pain, and they offer a solution to those in pain, a resolution to their unending health – mental situation.

Drugs, some created to ease pain, others to just make you feel fine for a time, allowing you to float in a darkness of nothingness until their power declines and pain is at once divine and upon you once again.

How I hate drug dealers, both those who stand on corners selling a bag or two, or the well-dressed salesperson of a pharmaceutical giant who represents a firm that creates death, and then promotes it as medicine.

Addiction is what they are selling and promoting. How I hate those who take the lives of others in such a way. People do not intend upon becoming addicted, oh no. It just happens according to the corporate plan of a multitude of pharmaceutical firms that you know too well.

The “Blue Pill” of erectile dysfunction fame has killed 4,190 men since 1998 in America (heart attacks). The maker of this drug also makes opioids that have killed kids, teachers, workers, business folks and more. How does it work?

You have an accident at work perhaps, so you go to a doctor who writes you a prescription for a painkiller. It’s powerful stuff, so you feel better. Then your body gets used to the dose, and you need more and more powerful stuff. You get it from the doctor, who is on a pharma plan that promotes and awards doctors who sell their drugs.

Once enough folks are addicted, the government tells doctors to prescribe 5 pills at a time (they used to sell hundreds at a time). You need more meds, so you go to the black market.

Black market sellers do not sell pure stuff, but pills that have up to 55 different items within the pills. Most of these items are not good for you. In fact much of it is toxic. Your addiction’s cravings drive you to buy what you know is a dangerous product. Just need the fix. If this stuff has fentanyl in it, you’re probably screwed.

Those who are supposed to protect us have become a part of the domestic drug cartel. These doctors like the benefits given them by Big Pharma – vacations, cash, cottages etc. The health system is developed to assist pharma to dispense these drugs to those in need.

Government trusts its Business partners, so this plan continues indefinitely until enough bodies have piled up and the government cannot ignore death’s laying before it. The system further complicates things through privacy protections.

The addicted cannot be forced to get help. For people who just want a high, you cannot expect logic or objectivity to rule the day. Government has certainly not invested enough revenue in attacking and enabling those who could help the addicted. The addicted who are rich get by, while the rest of humanity is screwed.

We all think about drug cartels as foreign entities that we don’t have to deal with, but domestic home grown cartels exist and are flourishing in your neighborhood – 145 doctors in Ontario, 2,809 in America became the Cartel’s pushers.

These are only those caught and prosecuted. Like the unending flow of illegal migrants across America and Canada’s borders, drug pushers in the form of medical professionals and big business sales staff fulfill the needs of senior citizens and those injured.

Seniors are primary users of illicit drugs, be they illicit blue bills or opioids. Where there is pain, there is a potential buyer and seller of illegal and legal drugs. Addict and normal user of meds often play doctor, prescribing doses to themselves. Overdoses are on a swift upswing everywhere.

This is no longer an urban phenomenon but a population buster, the only real equality we can experience. Old, young, rich or poor, black, white, Latino, Asian too. The Equality we were promised by America, Canada and other governments across the globe can be found here, as to how we are treated by healthcare, the Cartels and Addiction. If you are a “customer” and purveyor of drugs these folks will supply you.

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Years ago, a family doctor filled a prescription for my brother who had injured his back. 300 opioids at a time. 300 hundred!. The doctor stopped prescribing these drugs only after my brother had received @ 3500 pills. My brother, needing money, sold most of them to biker gangs for cash. What an absolutely crazy mess.

The system allowed doctors to become big time drug dealers, and my brother a reseller of narcotics. Criminality in every way. The very system ignored the effects of these drugs, many of which were not fully investigated.

Seems the FDA will approve anything so long as a big enough cheque arrives in their offices. Corporate propaganda and revenue assure the approval and sales of their products.

What about the patients, the users of these drugs? Many die or remain in bed comatose with brain injuries. Insurance does not pay out on such deaths or medical conditions so many families go bankrupt.

A vicious cycle appears before us, showing us that greed will overcome most anything, and is protected by our governmental regulations. The little guy and gal are left to deal with their situations as best they can. If addicted, we know what that action will be. Seek out and consume drugs.

Big Pharma was protected legally when the Pandemic happened. First thing legislatures across the planet did, protect the vaccine makers then themselves from potential future legal actions.

How many people died from the effects of Covid Vaccines? What about the side effects of these vaccines in the long term? In North America over a million+ people are suffering from side effects of these vaccines, and there is nothing we can do about it except go to the hospital and beg for some medical procedure that could help.

Like bandits, Big Pharma side steps legal responsibilities and profits to the tune of $2 Trillion Dollars. Nice if you can get it right. Within the medical-pharmaceutical field there is no justice, no equality, no fairness. Just greed and profiteering (just like the grocery biz).

Seniors are popping pills daily. Costs for meds have skyrocketed like everything else. As you age, the injuries of the past come to painfully remind you that your body and mind are machines that breakdown.

Seems like the government and private healthcare organisations are limiting their healthcare staff, counting the costs, managing the books. Healthcare is drifting in a sea of uncertainty while the private sector absorbs as much profit as it can. All in the name of those inflicted we are told. Drugs for every situation, disease or painful moment.

Every time I think about the Pharmaceutical Industry I think of a song heard in my youth. It goes like this…”I have drugs in my pocket and I don’t know what to do with them”(The Monks).

Big Pharma knows what to do. Any existing drugs that can benefit an existing disease, rebrand it and sell it as a solution to that illness. Any studies of side effects, or persistent long lasting effects. Don’t worry about it right? Study something for a minimum of 5 years, you kidding.

There are sales to be made, profit to be made. Anyways, Governments take a long time to respond to patient and customer complaints. Lots of time to find excuses why the side effects are happening, protecting Big Pharma from governmental insight or possible legal actions.

The Pandemic has brought Big Pharma into a partnership with Governments and Political Parties. One partner serves the public while the other itself. How can we have laws and regulations initiated and established to protect the Public from financial, medical and pharmaceutical propaganda, profiteering and undue manipulation when our governments are in league with Pharmaceutical Giants that legally and illegally usurp our elected officials’ power through undue influence and  possible corruption.

All this while, the addict is looking for their next high, a source that hopefully will be safe from toxic additives.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario