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America’s election fans the flames of war

Mostly every sitting President of the United States and leaders of other countries whose nation is involved in high diplomatic action or war, will not be thrown out of office. The public’s need for leadership and direction force them to ignore many other factors in determining their decision who to vote for, putting a nationalistic leaning to this, they think of the nation first.

In November, the US will elect a national leader President, having to pick between present day President Biden or former President Trump. In Canada we may be facing a national election also, having to determine which political party will hold the seat of power in Ottawa, and its leader to be Prime Minister.

What do these events have to do with the potential of war? President Biden has been questioned by many asking him if he is too old and ill to remain President, all the while former President Trump has a multitude of legal problems he would like to evade.

Prime Minister Trudeau is dealing with the ever present “anyone but” efforts of the opposition parties.

Solution: Fan the Flames of international events like what is happening in Gaza between the Israelis and Palestinian People, and now there is the opportunity to side step their problems by involving themselves within the Iranian-Israeli competition going on today.

Competition, as the Religious Conservative Governments of Israel and Iran shoot missiles at each other, destroying little but making a point to the other and the world. Message being don’t ignore our power and capabilities: Respect US!

North American Leaders jump into the fray hoping to make points with the electorate, and receive much needed financial support from the persons and corporations that will get much out of a war, the war hawks of America and Canada alike.

In selling weapons to the Middle East, many nations generate a great deal of wealth for some corporate and private entities. For the Political Establishment of the time it became a bargaining chip with many propaganda uses.

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Ever get into a situation where you deflect the attention of someone else saying “hey look over there”, and they do. It’s the old deflect and run routine, except it is being used by our elected public officials to turn our attention away from domestic problems ignored, towards international problems far away, useful to the manipulators of Washington, DC and Ottawa too.

Being in a war like, threatening environment allows our public officials to look like “leaders”. Artificially – manipulatively created and formed for the public’s consumption. Leaders with a cause never usually lose elections or go to prison, so they hope.

The Middle East situation also diverts attention away from the north-eastern events in Ukraine, where Russian Forces are negotiating peace while still striking the Ukraine. Massive amounts of cash and weaponry tagged for Ukraine’s defense have been diverted to Israel.

Good on President Putin who has outsmarted the Western Nations time and time again. “Don’t look at me, the international community, look to the Middle East”. Classic diversion tactics. Remember that Putin was a high ranking officer in the KGB, trained in subterfuge and intelligence-military tactics.

Will the political-military conflict in Gaza and now with Iran become a full scale war? Will either Presidents Biden or Trump benefit from this conflict? Will involvement in future peace talks and politically-military rhetoric from Prime Minister Trudeau support his efforts to remain in power? Will President Putin be the only one dancing a jig of success and tyrannical achievement?

Think about it folks. Whenever something happens in the world that affects millions of people, ask yourself WHO BENEFITS?

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario