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Ah fraid Randall Robinson

I think the new NDC leader needs to send a clear and distinct message to the executive committee of the party, and to all those who serve on standing committees.

The insensitive actions of the Deputy PRO needs his urgent intervention.

NDC did not have a vaccination drive or any event around that nature at the Tempe Playing Field on Sunday 7th. The NNP/Government of the day had an event and Randall Robinson was present at THEIR (NNP) EVENT.

So, essentially, the Prime Minister didn’t show up. He came to his event.

There is no way the NDC should condone executive members, especially, should be seen or seemingly in bed with the NNP and Keith Mitchell.

If Dickon allows this to slide he would be setting a very bad precedence.

Randal Robinson should be asked to step down from his position, and be allowed to operate in a less sensitive position within the party.

This is not the first time Randall has been seen working along with the NNP. Referendum- he was working with them, Vaccination drive for the past few months – he was seen with them.

Big up in the PM national address, Keith Mitchel does not go to that length with anyone, unless they are in his pocket. And now, Sunday at the Tempe Playing Field.

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The NDC needs to know that there is a mole in the midst and it’s time to start dealing with the foolishness.

The sooner Dickon Mitchell realises that he needs to put his foot down and confront some real and present issues within the party, the better off he will be.

The sooner the Executive committee understands that this is POLITICS and not a game, the better off the Party will be.

Address this NOW.

The NDC Falcon