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2024 – an unknown future based on fear

Over 500,000 (claims of 1.5+ million) Palestinians are migrants away from their homeland, whether it is because of their political or economic struggles, and the world has to deal with this crisis.

Crisis? Yes, most certainly. As long as Israel exists as a nation the Palestinian and Arab World cannot peacefully accept this fact of history. The Middle East is Muslim, and those of other faiths must accept this for now and work with the extended Muslim Laws that allow them to exist.

Yes, Islam accepts other faiths to exist, but Islam must be the controlling religion of this region. At the extreme we saw how The Caliphate of ISIS allowed other religions to exist so long as they paid Islam’s protection laws.

At the most moderate of situations, national Islam allows its citizens to practice other faiths while the business of government remains Islamic. It is all about control.

The millions of Palestinians and North Africans who roam the Middle East are going to the EU, United Kingdom and North America hopefully to establish themselves in a new land, but also seeking a place to recuperate, regroup and reinforce their influence and power.

Many Persians have made these nations their new homeland, while others have found Western Society to be too liberal, immodest and secular, challenging their cultural and Islamic views.

So let’s relook at what is happening right now. Israel is conquering Gaza, attempting to eradicate Hamas as an opponent. Israel is seeking revenge and justice for all the “terroristic” actions of Hamas and other “terrorist” organisations against her.

This may be the final solution needed to bring some form of peace to the Middle East. Jews and Arabs, once neighbours long ago, have been radicalised by their superpower supporters and history. Never will they stand side by side as friends.

Western hopes lay empty in the face of what is happening in the Middle East. Only those who have visited this land, or live in it can understand the true meaning of peace in the Middle East, a concept that is always temporary, and never long lasting, forever tainted in blood.

The hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern Migrants who are flowing to Canada, the USA and Britain will never forget their history, their hate and mistrust of Israel and its allied partners.

Toronto in the summer of 2024 will be chaotic through the militant actions of pro-Palestinian and Iranian forces. Protests will halt traffic, and possibly boil over into full violent riots depending upon what Toronto’s Police Department does. Toronto’s Police did not handle the Canadian Protesters in Ottawa last year, so how can they handle mass protests with armed individuals?

Washington D.C’s Lafayette Park and the Commons will be filled with militant protestors standing against American support for Israel and groups that claim nationalistic roots that are anti-Islamic will oppose them.

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Imagine the place where Martin Luther King proclaimed his dream, will be filled with people who care little for America, but center their anger and mistrust against her, and Her ally Israel.

The Palestinian Militancy cares little for equality, and is centered upon control and national eradication of Israel. Israel’s move into Gaza was not well thought out, and in the process created new martyrs and a purpose for militant hatred directed against it and its allies – that is America, Canada, Britain and France. A possible resurgence of ISIS, recruits from the Palestinian cause is truly feared.

With the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, Chinese military and political interventions in Asia, it is only a matter of time when some nation will violently reach out towards another, possibly beginning a global crisis or conflict.

Iranian and Russian Intelligence Agencies are hard at work creating major difficulties for western allies globally. China waits on the sidelines for that moment in time when the West is too busy to notice or immediately react to an invasion of Taiwan.

There is the continual threat of North Korea’s Little Tyrant, threatening Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and even North America.

America may well have realised they can no longer be the world’s policeman. America’s National Debt in 2024 so far is $34 Billion. Much of that debt is military expenditures and costs domestically and internationally.

If Donald Trump regains the White House, the debt will be one of the things he will need to deal with, perhaps concentrating on social program cuts as opposed to military ones. Even if President Biden maintains power the three elements he will need to solve will be the National Debt, Border and international issues.

The Debt Ceiling issue has not been dealt with yet. President Biden’s weakness in the control of domestic issues will further embolden his International Enemies to attack American interests further, and possibly violently.

A hodgepodge of issues lay before our leaders, but also before us, the taxpayer, the citizens are not in any form of control of their future. Debts need to be paid, and whether living in Canada, the USA or the EU-UK the bill stops with us, the indebted ones.

We are faced with a Jeffersonian choice, not the President, but the hit show “the Jeffersons”, who were moving on up to the east side”.

2024 will show us all that the citizens and the nations of the West are in fact “moving on downward”, whether that means downsizing as people and a nation. Changes are on their way and we are not prepared.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario