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Time for true and trusted leadership!!!

It is very unfortunate that persons at the General Hospital will come down with Covid-19 that will serve to compromise our healthcare service.

THE NEW TODAY is aware of several cases at our main hospital involving not only patients but staff members.

And the situation is compounded by the fact that the facility has several doctors and nurses who are now showing signs of being battle weary and extremely tired from this prolonged fight of over 16 months against this virus with little rest or time for their families and loved ones.

Events of the past two weeks have shown that our healthcare system is crumbling from the impact of Covid-19.

The system as worked out and put in place by the New National Party (NNP) is in need of a bad overhaul if the nation is to defeat this virus.

It is unbelievable that persons who have tested positive for Covid-19 are able to leave their homes and go out in the public space and pay utility bills to Flow, Grenlec and Nawasa and even visit the supermarkets to do business, as well as enter the pharmacies to purchase medication.

These are the real super-spreaders of the virus in Grenada.

During Christmas and Election campaigns, our politicians find millions to provide food hampers to the poor and vulnerable in exchange for their votes.

There is one who campaigns under the theme song, “Everything I do I do it for you”, and the needs of the people are great now.

THE NEW TODAY is aware of some situations in which young mothers are affected by Covid, have babies and cannot find anyone to help them and are left with little or no choice to fend for themselves as survival to them is very crucial.

The current situation has exposed the lack of a system to handle these vulnerable people in their time of need.

There was enough time since the coronavirus pandemic started in March 2020 to convert the Traffic Wardens into a brigade to train them to perform such tasks along with hundreds of unemployed young people.

Our people are complaining of not being able to get anyone on the Covid-19 hotline in this most critical period.

The government could easily engage any of the telecommunications providers for a few cellphones and hire young people to stay at their homes and receive those calls and channel the needs of the people into a Central Command.

This information of who are in need of help can be passed onto the teams out in the fields at a moment’s notice.

The situation at hand can be considered a disaster, where is NADMA in all of this? Are they being engaged by the powers that be?

The problem with the current rulers is that they have foolishly pursued a “go it alone know it best dictatorship mentality” in the fight against Covid-19.

It has even permeated into the Covid-19 team with so much arrogance from the Minister of Health, Nickolas Steele and the Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shawn Charles.

Grenadians have been calling for a review of the 2 day quarantine period for persons coming into the country especially at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) since several visitors were tested positive for the virus on their way back out.

People are coming into the country with PCR tests that are only 2 days old and are tested at the airport on arrival, and in some instances are released after 12 to 18 hours from a negative PCR test.

However, the same Dr. Charles told workers at the Ministry of Health to wait a minimum of five days to be tested for the virus when one of their colleagues fell ill due to Covid-19.

Our Police and nurses are also exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms in great numbers but are still forced to report to work because they do not have a positive PCR Covid-test in their possession.

Those who are insisting on this policy are only helping to create more super-spreaders of the virus.

There are also hundreds of people in Grenada exhibiting signs of the virus and have difficulties in getting tested by our medical health care professionals.

This is not time for talking but to move quickly to have more pop up clinics to go out into the various hot bed communities and find the people with symptoms and test and test and test them in order to try and arrest the situation.

Government also needs to engage the utility companies to understand the current situation and to avoid disconnections in order to keep people at home as much as possible and limit their movements as much as possible in the next few days when it comes to paying bills.

Another vexing problem is the amount of poor and vulnerable people walking around the place with no mask and in some cases with very dirty masks as they do not have money to buy food to eat much less masks.

Can the government provide masks at medical stations and other strategic locations in the country for these people to access them?

Our buses are now back to full capacity and people can be seen sitting very cramped up in them but a solution can be found by giving the bus operators some kind of a stimulus or relief , or allow them to charge a little extra and carry less passengers.

The Contact tracing is no longer effective in this period and government should look at arresting those hot spots where Covid-19 is spreading, through testing and more testing in order to effectively isolate those with symptoms of the virus.

This is a period for true and trusted leadership and not political gamesmanship.