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In recognition of RGPF!!!

THE NEW TODAY wishes to place on record its congratulations to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) for the tremendous work done in recent days to solve two of the murders that took place on the island.

The apprehension of the suspects will go a long way in reassuring the entire tri-island State of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique that our law enforcement officers are up to the task and can do the work and deliver to the people.

It was a good decision made by the Acting Commissioner of Police and the other members of the High Command to reinforce the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) with Superintendent of Police Esau Pierre to help augment the more than capable former head, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ryan Hall.

The decision brought almost immediate success because as soon as ASP Hall hit the ground running with his own team that he had a hand in personally selecting with full support from the Chief Cop, it proved to be a game changer.

It is now left up to Supt Pierre to engage Commissioner McKenzie on making the necessary changes within CID, especially overseeing the return of those competent and effective officers who were removed from the Department under the former regime.

It is well known in certain circles that the ousted New National Party (NNP) administration of Keith Mitchell had placed a number of its key operatives in RGPF in all the key positions in the force to push their political agenda among the men and women in uniform.

These NNP surrogates were ruthless and removed from certain positions of influence any officer who was suspected of not being aligned to “The Green House.”

The CID was seriously affected as many good officers were transferred out of the Department by a particular member of the High Command who should have been booted out of the Police Force several years ago due to his own indiscreet actions with Underworld Figures.

The officers in CID are now on a high given their recent success and will be thirsty to solve the other outstanding criminal matters on hand and every effort should be made to encourage them.

THE NEW TODAY would like to see the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) seeking legal advice from a competent attorney-at-law in the United States especially in the Florida jurisdiction on whether legal proceedings can be pursued against the U.S actor Tyler Perry and Yvette Noel-Schure for their damaging statements against the country in the Josiah “Jonty” Robinson murder case.

These two internationally-recognised celebrities made unfounded utterances to the world by seeking to define Grenada as a place where citizens did not like Gay persons and engaged in “a hate crime” against Jonty.

This was so far from the truth as the records will show that no one has ever been charged with killing a member of the LGBT community on this island.

It is normal for Grenadians to make fun and crack a few jokes against anyone known or suspected to be gay but deliberately or selectively killing anyone of them because of sexual orientation is definitely out of the question.

Most Grenadians had suspected all along that the “Jonty” murder was done by another LGBT who was considered to be “a jealous lover.”

A family member even provided the CID with the name of an individual who was so upset that he made a complaint that “Jonty” was not faithful to him.

The police had concentrated a lot of their investigation in the direction of this individual until new information surfaced that led them in a different direction and the subsequent arrest and charge laid on the individual from Circular Drive in Frequente for the murder.

It is now almost a week since the arrest of the suspect and neither Perry nor Noel-Schure has had the decency to issue an apology to Grenada for their unfortunate statement that painted an ugly picture of the Spice Isle.

There is really no need to give much credence to the “noise” made by former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell who is the current Leader of the Opposition on the “Jonty” killing and the other few murder cases on the island in recent months.

The primary role of the opposition is to keep the government in check all the time especially on issues of national importance.

Unfortunately for the NNP, the wrong person is carrying the party’s message on criminal activities on the island as Dr. Mitchell himself did not have an impressive track record with respect to the RGPF.

As Minister of National Security and the Line Minister for the Police, the ex-Prime Minister did nothing to help improve the CID manpower by way of training for its officers whether in or outside Grenada.

Dr. Mitchell can rightfully be accused of using the Police Force and other law enforcement agencies to go after his opponents whether in the field of politics or otherwise.

Shortly after returning to office in 2013, the NNP boss used the then head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Tafawa Pierre, the husband of his Education Minister Emmalin Pierre to pursue a senior figure in the Congress government on the issue of a scholarship that was awarded to his son who had duly qualified for it.

It is still not too late for the former Prime Minister to demonstrate some statesman-like behaviour and praise the police force that he was in charge of less than 15 months ago for the hard work demonstrated in solving the two most recent murder cases.

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