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We are not born big and stupid – Part II

I imagine you are convinced that the RMC had the remains of Comrade Bishop and his colleagues at a place where the Americans were able to get them.

This was said to me by a colleague of mine after he read “We are not born big and stupid because two wrongs cannot be right” in part one of the trilogy.

For 40 years we have pointed our fingers at the invading forces headed by the USA for the disappearance of our beloved Prime Minister along with Cabinet members and associates. What if we were wrong for all these years?

Martini Powers of the Washington Post podcast on the Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop is generating a new kind of energy within me and discussion which is taking place quietly.

During her 7 episodes of “The empty grave of Comrade Bishop” she encountered many roadblocks from high offices from the US government and she was repeatedly told that the remains of Comrade Bishop and his colleagues were unaccounted for during the invasion of our country. What if that is true and we continue to ignore it?

What if the theory used by the West to invade Iraq thought that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons and was going to use them if they did take action against him?

Let me start with step one which is the execution of the Prime Minister and his colleagues at Fort Rupert on October 19th 1983 and then the moving of what was left of their bodies to Camp Calivigny.

What if that was true but later the RMC hearing about the invasion from a regional source decided to tact back and remove Comrade Bishop and his colleagues’ remains from the burial site so that the Americans will not be able to get their hands on them. What if this is true?

What if the remains did not reach Camp Calivingy but were diverted to another location where the unsuspecting public would have no idea because the RMC had full authority with a shoot-on-site curfew?

What if Cpl. Earl Brown’s recollection of the burial site was flawed and the PRA soldier who was giving the Jamaican military intelligence officer wrong information even if he claimed that he knew Maurice Bishop?

What if those RMC Mass Murderers who are now outside walking the road and having a great time think that we will forget about the darkest day in our contemporary history because there was no physical or pictorial evidence of the remains to show the condition they were in after the execution and burning of the remains?

There are three elements which we must look at to come up with something concrete about the mystery of the remains – time, opportunity and motive.

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The RMC had time to return to Camp Calivigny to remove the remains and bury them at another location so there would be no incriminating evidence against them in a court of law. What if that was true?

The RMC had the opportunity to carry out such an operation because they had full command of the island. After all, the Masses were in shock from the earlier events.

The motive was in their interest to make sure that the swamp was clean of physical evidence against them in case of a trial. What if that was true?

I would like to see our Government and the Parliament come together and ask or demand an official document from the Government of the USA stating its final position on the remains of Comrade Bishop and his murdered Cabinet colleagues and associates, as a 50th-anniversary independence gift to bring closure to the mystery in our history.

Also, if the remains did not reach Camp Calivigny or were removed because the invasion was imminent and were relocated and then destroyed in the process, say so because it is time for people to move on in their own minds.

Furthermore, we are very friendly people and that was highlighted when the people of Grenada welcomed the invaders to our country with open arms because of the chaos and mayhem which took place earlier when our beloved Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop was executed by the RMC Henchmen.

Having said that, our people would like to hear from the USA officially on the finding in Calivigny as it relates to the remains of Comrade Bishop and his colleagues – something with a Presidential seal outlining what and who were found at the burial site and not from some agency.

Whether you love Comrade Bishop as I do, like him as so many others or hate him by a few, he is our most decorated leader in the last 50 years and we are not taking it lightly when it comes to his remains.

We are friendly people but we also know how to be ungrateful in short order as well. Give us some inspiration that will bring closure to this 40-year-old saga.

Finally, I will wait on the Martini Powers report from the Jamaica Defense Force reply of Cpl. Earl Brown’s findings from the burial site at Calivigny regarding the photos. It will be very interesting to see whom he photographed during the invasion of our island in October 1983.

As family and friends wait for answers about their loved ones, let it be a positive one so we can cry one final time and then move on with our lives and celebrate our Golden Jubilee of Independence in style.

Brian Lindsay Campbell