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We are not born big and stupid because two wrongs cannot be right

The conspiracy to hide the remains of Comrade Bishop and his colleagues from family, friends and the people of Grenada and the progressive forces of the world is deeply rooted in the mass murderers and the invading handling of their remains.

My day started excellent after I thanked God for waking me up for another. Then I exchanged pleasantries with my number one friend on the island and later on a former girlfriend informed me that she would be home for the holidays.

This is someone I have not seen in 27 years – that gave me enough energy to accomplish my tasks in a timely fashion.

Today also was the final episode of Martini Powers’ podcast of the Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop which I started following from the beginning.

During my television days, I looked at a lot of Cold Case Files whereby the dead spoke because of the forensic investigation carried out by investigators to solve cases which were unsolved for many years using DNA to archive the outcome hoping that the same will happen for Comrade Bishop and his colleagues which is a modern day mystery in the history of our country.

What took me to this point of expressing some thoughts on this mystery in our history is that after reading in one of our local newspapers the account of a former top member of the RGPF.

The newspaper stated that the Americans did not take away the bodies or remains is my preferred word in that case because of the barbarity of what took place on October 19th 1983 and after.

My response was if the former top cop is sure – why not take the NEW TODAY newspaper to the spot where the remains are buried because we need closure?

The 7 episode of Martine Powers’ podcast started with the funeral agency which handled the remains of Comrade Bishop and his colleagues, who were allegedly buried at the St. George Cemetery which has several names, note no name of the part of the cemetery was given, only explanation is by some wall.

The wall some feel is located near River Road to the bottom where the Grenadian soldiers are buried where they bury poor people. It was suggested that plenty of water pass that area which will eventually wash away the remains and their remains will not be found anytime soon. That was a theory put forward by someone.

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After listening to episode 7 by the Washington Post podcaster an eerie feeling came over me, something I seldom experienced in my decades on earth. I opened my front door and looked at the ruins of Comrade Maurice’s family home where he was taken from to put under a house of rest and said Comrade tell me where your remains are hiding so I can mobilise a multitude of people to unearth your remains and that of colleagues so we can finally have closure.

My take away from the 7 episodes of the podcast is Cpl. Earl Brown’s recollection of the burial site at Camp Calivigny. Because I think that he was sincere and honest in his presentation with Martini Powers.

Secondly, the podcaster’s appetite to help bring closure after 40 years of mystery is pronominal.

Thirdly, the people who refused to be interviewed and the different departments are trying to hide the information and tell them that we were not born big and stupid.

Fourthly, the USA is trying to recover the remains of their loved ones from the Korean War of 1950-53 and VietNam from 1975-1972 for them to be respectfully buried in the USA but are not coming clean with Comrade Bishop and his colleagues for them to get a decent burial.

A country 28,000 times bigger than Grenada, the richest and most powerful country in the world still pretending that they do not have any evidence of the remains of Comrade Maurice Bishop and his colleagues. Tell them that we were not born big and stupid.

Finally, when Martini Powers asked Lt. Col. Layne why the remains were not handed to a funeral agency because to get to Calivigny they must pass in proximity to one of the funeral Agencies in St. George, he came last with his response.

The intention was clear by the murderers – not to hand over the remains to the families and also by the invading forces led by the Armed Forces of the USA.

Two wrongs will never be right and we are not born big and stupid. It is time for the USA to shed light on the remains of Comrade Bishop and his colleagues.

Someone in the parliament should table a resolution demanding that the USA should come clean on this matter because we were not born big and stupid.

Brian Lindsay-Campbell