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The Patriotic Vine… Green sliced bread

The proverbial ‘green donkey’ will never be seen, but some will see ‘green sliced bread’ for the first time on August 2, 2021! The table will be set with professors and professionals, accountants and bankers, pastors and priests, artistes and politicians, recruits and conscripts, baggers, bakers and others.

The desired ‘gallery effect’ is the impression of bulging support for the ‘new green bakery’.

Unfortunately, it is a gathering around the altar of ‘Empire Thinking’ whereby one must have one’s own party because one thinks that one has a comparative advantage over others with smarter ideas. So, I must have my own party with minions and others to hold me in awe!

Regrettably, that attitude rests on notions of exclusivity and superiority which point to dangerous character flaws.

For fifty years we have been throwing political parties after our problems of leadership and development but fall short repeatedly. A multiplicity of parties only generates conflicts and lack of consensus necessary for nation-building.

The TGM is badly mistaken about the nature of the opportunity that is before the nation. Clearly, they do not know or understand the times! If they did, last Monday’s party launch would not be happening and, with it, a recycling of generational pain in Grenadian politics!

In 1984, we put highly-educated individuals in Office, but we did not fare well! Before that, we supported the NJM fellas; young, bright and fresh. But we soon learned that the road of youthful fervour and captivating oratory does not necessarily lead to a destination of unity, stability and correctness.

We, who proudly sing the GBSS school song, understand the meaning of “the prize to the one who earns it” and “endeavour enhances merit”! Listen carefully; it does not celebrate tricks and traps or bestow public office by certification. Notice the direct call to integrity, “for only by earnest endeavour the highest we shall attain”! The power is in the “we”!

Since its formation, many have been worried at the ruthless political conduct and ‘permission structure’ employed by TGM capable of causing psychological harm to its critics. A cyber-based Mongoose Gang in 2021 is just as bad as Gairy’s Mongoose Gang, pre-1979.

Time to steady our minds! While the gallery will cut a cute picture; while the spiritual overlay will be powerful; while the speeches will be brimming with intelligent content; we must look out for the basics! One must always be careful that one is not sold imported corn meal for local corn flour!

Some will be anxious for a presentation showing one’s humanity, character, and conscience. Others will be interested in hearing of new commitments to truth; competition without conflict; respect for divergent views; a leadership tent having spiritual cover and dignified substance; and growing our democracy; all essential for unity, not for Empire.

Unity is a tall mountain to climb! Unity is a state of existence enjoyed by a community of persons for the high purposes and goals of that community. A rewarding climb requires steady, principled advocates and unconditional patriots having the right character of leadership. Sudden and convenient pronouncements without a history of ordinary togetherness will cause climbers to stumble and fall.

Recall that Patrick’s fallout with Keith was not about economic development policy or leadership style and substance or anything of public interest. It was all private and personal! Recognise also that being NNP to the bone, his primary political objective currently is to overturn the NDC and take its place.

Supposedly, that would leave Grenadians with a choice between a green wooden house and a green wooden bakery, but same damn ‘ting! One green ‘Empire’ with ‘joint leadership’!

Perhaps, as a recruiting tactic, Patrick has been saying, “I am giving up millions to do this”! Really? Can he look Grenadians in the eyes at his Spice Basket podium that was last Monday and make that dubious claim? If one is ‘sacrificing’ dollars to lead Grenada, then one certainly has not been called!

Incidentally, take Patrick away from TGM and what are you left with? Nothing? So, he is really offering us an egg shell!

It is alarming that the name ‘TGM’ has already become synonymous with money! Who put that money talk on the lips of poor people and why? Remember that the NNP is a crude money political brand.

Therefore, its offspring, having not been converted, will be of the same image and likeness!

Talking about millions, the one thing we would like him to disclose is the source of TGM financing and the financial accounting between the TGM/NGO and TGM/Party! He must do so with the same gusto with which he castigated Tillman at an NNP rally in 2013 for accepting a gift of $50,000 from a highly reputable source.

The TGM party launch confirms an uncontrollable appetite for ‘Empire’, but short- changes Grenada over a lost opportunity. With the newest bakery in Grenada opening its doors to the public, the bread is fresh and hot! But it is unfamiliar ‘green sliced bread’ whose consumption ought to be delayed until we get a sign from Above!

William Joseph