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The Covid-19 support mechanism

COVID will continue to spread as there is no support for many families and individuals who have to self-isolate in this period as this is not only for the ones considered vulnerable.

There is no Government facility available to house persons whose households are not conducive to allow them to independently self-isolate if they are the only one with the virus in that home with say four, five or six other persons or more.

It therefore means that at some point the entire household may contract the virus. There is therefore the need for a Government facility where such individuals can self-isolate.

Another thing is that individuals and families must eat. When someone is told they are positive then what happens is that they must ensure they have sufficient food at home to last the entire isolation period.

What do they do – they go to the supermarket. Some also must come out of isolation when they are in need of food as they have no support system in place to purchase for them.  In other cases, caregivers of positive individuals go out to buy food after caring for positive patients.

This is allowing the virus to spread. The Government should have a support system in place like NADMA to supply families with food during isolation or quarantine.  Where is that service? Has it stopped because it is not reaching some persons?

The other challenge is that persons with the virus are having visitors come into their environment. Other persons are going into the home with no protection knowing or unknowingly and then going about into the community like normal.

Added to that persons testing positive are leaving their place of isolation, their homes and are moving about in the community knowing fully well that they are positive and others do not know this and are interacting with them. They are not staying in isolation. Even if this is one person it is one too much.

This is therefore having implications for spread. We are on mandatory quarantine and yet neighbours are freely going into each other’s homes like normal as if COVID-19 does not exist.

In such a case, how will the spread cease? Discipline and self-restrain need to be practiced by all of us Grenadians. We need to help each other in a responsible manner and keep each other safe.

Many respectable persons are saying in public places that persons who have died from the virus died because they took the vaccine.

It is a vicious cycle and these matters must be addressed if we are to come out of this and curb the spread to see some positive turn around.

Government, associations, churches, political parties, trade unions, friends and relatives need to reach out to positive persons and give some sort of support to them in this time of need.

Faith Healer