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A National Disaster but where is NaDMA?

Sen. Garraway – has been extremely quiet as head of NaDMA in the Covid-19 crisis

What is the meaning of NaDMA? National Disaster Management Agency. According to Dr. Shawn Charles recently, “we now have a national disaster”. Is NaDMA only activated when the disaster is caused by hurricanes?

The nation wants to know why NaDMA is not taking charge of this national disaster and why Mr. Nickolas Steele is still at the forefront instead of following the lead of NaDMA & the medical professionals.

To the best of my knowledge, Senator Winston Garraway is in charge of NaDMA but where is he now and why is he so quiet?  Surely, he can see, hear and should know that NaDMA needs to be called out.

At present there are 2306 total active cases with 46 deaths and 910 recovered making a grand total confirmed cases of 3262. What is Garraway waiting for? We had 18 months to prepare for this pandemic and now that it is here, not even a place large enough to house the positive cases has been prepared?

Why not use the predetermined ‘hurricane shelters’ instead of sending the positive cases back home to spread the virus? Shame on the government of Grenada – when we have very competent people in the country who are being sidelined – your incompetence is exposed and you have failed our people!

Sylvan McIntyre, if Garraway does not have the sense to do what is necessary, you jump in and do whatever needs to be done. The worse that can happen is that they can threaten to fire you but ignore them and do what you know is right. We will deal with the politicians later but we need to stop the spread of this virus now!

How can we mix positive Covid cases in the same hospital as non-Covid cases? Positive cases should not be sent home to their families to isolate either. Positive cases must be isolated in separate shelters.  What about converting a portion of the National Stadium into an Isolation Centre?

Come on people, let’s call them out! I am calling on Garraway, Sylvan McIntyre and all personnel of NaDMA to come out and do what is necessary to save lives in this national disaster.

I am calling on all unvaccinated Grenadians to get vaccinated now to save their lives and those of their families and other Grenadians as we are now in a national disaster and may God help us all!

Valerie Thompson is a Grenadian-born social activist