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File photo of a football game being played at the Grenada National Stadium

Consultant Geoff Wilson has described the just concluded Grenada Football Association’s (GFA) Strategic Planning Workshop as a major success.

Wilson who met with coaches, club representatives, Match Officials, sponsors, staff and board members, said “We definitely had a great couple of days defining your new mission, vision, values, goals and objectives and I am looking forward to working with you to see Football ‘flourishing’ in your beautiful country.”

“You must now go forward optimistic about the future and set out to achieve all that you have stated you want to do in the next few years,” said Wilson.

He urged the Board of Directors of GFA to put football first and develop the sport for clubs and youth players, as well as match officials and national team players.

“If you believe in your vision and mission statement and live by the core values you have established, then I see no reason why the GFA will not succeed,” indicated Wilson.

Wilson who is a current FIFA, AFC and UEFA Consultant, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Irish Tourism Association and President of the Ireland Netball Association.

He was also a member of the Irish Football Association Executive Committee.

Attending the workshop, as well as responding to a questionnaire, were representatives from clubs, government, sponsors, coaches, match officials, staff and the executive committee.

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