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Youth activist calls for united front to defeat NNP

A young female political activist in Grenada has called for all opposition forces in the country to come together in a common cause for the next general election to bring an end to the stranglehold on the island by the governing New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY, the activist who is from a rural parish made a plea for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to join forces with the newly formed The Grenada Movement (TGM), as well as Opposition Leader Tobias Clement and his Senators in Parliament along with Youth4Change Movement to take on the NNP in a two way fight in the upcoming poll.

“I believe that in order to win the next election it will take unity and the major opposition, those that are real opposition and those that are opposing (should come together),” she said.

TGM is led by former government ambassador, Dr. Patrick Antoine while Youth4Change Movement involves the likes of radio talk show host Kem Jones and youth activists Joel Greenidge of St. David and Asheida Charles of St. Patrick.

The female activist said that both TGM and Youth4Change Movement are currently engaged in political work in some parts of the country but stressed the need for dialogue to be held with the Congress party to form a united front for the election.

She believes that “the ground” especially in rural Grenada is very hostile at the moment to the ruling party and that the opposition forces stand a better than even chance to crush the ageing 75-year old Dr. Mitchell and his party in the poll due no later than 2023.’

“I believe that (a United Front is needed) in order to win the next election. That’s the one way to get rid of NNP – it will take a united front. People are fed up – people want change, they desperately want change,” she quipped.

“We need to put egos aside – it’s not about the need for leadership… it’s about country and moving forward. Once that can be done then we are on the right track,” she said.

According to the female political activist all these various opposition forces need to come together as quickly as possible under one common umbrella and work out the modalities to fight “the common enemy”.

She stressed the need for the opposition to go out in the various villages as “a united voice” to address the people on the real issues facing the country and to talk more about what needs to be done in terms of where the country is at the moment as compared to where it really should be in terms of its development.

She called for both the young political aspirants to come together with the older heads in the country and for each side to give their own different perspectives on the way forward for the country.

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“It just can’t be young people (as candidates) – you must have older people in it. It should be a balance. I don’t feel that young people alone could control Grenada,” she said.

She advocated for balance and innovation as well as a new thinking in charting the course forward for Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The activist openly expressed support for Opposition Senator Tessa St Cyr to be approached to get involved in frontline politics and offer herself for the rural St Andrew North-east seat held by Minister in the Ministry of Youth, Kate Lewis.

“I believe that she (St Cyr should run. I have faith in her,” said the activist of the opposition Senator who is doing her Doctoral studies at the moment.

She pointed out that the NNP is showing signs of running scared in St Andrew based on the pockets meeting held by opposition forces in recent weeks in some of the rural villages and the positive responses given to them.

She said that Education Minister Emmalin Pierre did not take too kindly to the political work being done in her rural St. Andrew South-east constituency by a TGM activist who is a former NNP supporter and fundraiser in New York but is now back home trying to unseat the ruling party.

“Emmalin is already scared. When we were walking – my friend – she was a big NNP and Emmalin called her and insult her. Emmalin told her that I hope when they (TGM) don’t win you don’t come back to us. Emmalin tell her she giving her a job to work on the ground for her and she say, no, I don’t want your work.

“She told her (Minister Pierre) leave me to do voluntary work (for TGM). She say the work you want to give me now ah don’t want it. You know that I have six children and ah lose me work in Silversands because me not taking the vaccination and why now you calling me because you hear ah walking (with TGM).

The female activist also mentioned the reaction of Social Development Minister Delma Thomas to a visit in her St. Andrew North-west constituency by a TGM team led by former opposition Senator, Terry Noel to do a walkabout and to meet and greet people in the area.

She said: “As we done (Walk) Delma drive through and talk to everybody that we talk to so all them (NNP Ministers in St. Andrew) fidgety – the ground is soft”.

The NNP has not lost a seat in the last two elections held in Grenada in 2013 and 2018.

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