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Young People launch Grenada United Movement

Three of the main activists in GUM - (L-R) Michelle Alexander of St. Andrew, Augustine Lewis of Chantimelle in St. Patrick and Cassandra Mitchell of Pomme Rose, St. David

The Grenada United Movement (GUM), a grouping of mainly young people from across the island, is now a reality.

GUM issued its first press statement late Thursday in which it dropped strong hints that it was prepared to challenge the status quo in Grenada in which the ageing 74-year old Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has been dominating the political landscape on the island for the past 25 years.

“…Now is the time to demand our seats at the decision making tables and end decades of victimisation as we steer Grenada towards a path of genuine development,” the group said in the statement released to THE NEW TODAY newspaper.

A seven-member Steering Committee has been in place for the past few months helping to shape the newly formed organisation.

Three of the well-known social activists with GUM are Michelle Alexander of Richmond, St. Andrew, Cassandra Mitchell of Pomme Rose, St. David and Augustine Lewis of Chantimelle in St. Patrick.

These are the young persons who have been in the forefront of the recent protest actions in Grenada starting with the Evan Smith demonstration in support of the local black man who was beaten by a white family in Fort Jeudy and the onslaught on Social Media against the Coronavirus Control Bill which the Mitchell-led government was forced to withdraw from Parliament.

Mitchell told THE NEW TODAY that GUM will be holding a press conference next week to outline its plans in going forward as a new group in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

Speculation is rife that the newly formed organisation involving mainly young people on the island will soon mushroom into a full-fledged political group to challenge the NNP and other political parties for State power in the upcoming general election.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY reproduces in full the Mission Statement that has just been released by GUM:-

From climate change to public debt, a young generation has established powerful consensus around inter-generational issues….our generation is awoken, connected and organised, yet here we are, stuck in anguishing asymmetry with older generations of leadership.

If so many young leaders are already responsive, responsible and effective, why are our places at the decision-making table empty or occupied by silhouettes/shadows of youth?

Our country is in dire need of a new wave of leadership that can curb bureaucratic deadlock, the spectre of populism and promote the concept of nationalism.

We ought to remind ourselves that free, democratic institutions rely on the glue of trust. There has to be a rock-solid belief that the transaction between voters and elected officials or consumers and businesses, rest on something deep and sacred. Without it, leadership can be neither responsive nor responsible.

Generations do not trust each other. Older generations do not trust the youth with leadership, and younger generations do not trust leadership structures monopolised by some elders.

The current generation of senior leadership is unresponsive for its failure to listen to us – youth, and irresponsible for its failure to include us.

Today, we are humbled to announce the launch of the Grenada United Movement (GUM) aimed at unlocking youth potential, building communities, empowering all Grenadians through sustainable agricultural, environmental, educational and socio-economic development.

Now is the time to start holding our elected officials accountable for the promises they made to us – the people; now is the time to demand our seats at the decision making tables and end decades of victimisation as we steer Grenada towards a path of genuine development.

Despite it being a Herculean task at times, let’s remember these words “…..heads, hearts and hands in unity, to reach our destiny… Ever conscious of God, being proud of our heritage, may we with faith and courage aspire, build, advance, as one people, one family….”

We have a unique opportunity to turn this conflict of ages into the opportunity of our age.

In God we trust!

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