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Yacouba Toussaint taken into custody

File photo of Yacouba Toussaint – is alleged to have thrown the gun into the sea as police moved in on him

A 39-year old resident of River Sallee in St Patrick, who is considered as a major player in the underworld of crime on the island, has been taken into custody by the police.

The suspect, identified as Yacouba Toussaint, was detained as the person of interest to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) for the firing of several shots last night at a Mother’s Day event held in a place called Swayzee in River Sallee.

THE NEW TODAY was alerted to the incident in which patrons fled from the event as someone opened fire.

Within minutes of the incident, a posting on Facebook appealed to people to stay in their house or go home as quickly as “the street is dirty” with shootings.

One woman who was at the party said she injured her foot, as she had to throw off her high heel shoes and ran out of the arena bare-footed as quickly as possible as people panicked when the first shot was heard.

A party of police officers descended on the venue and immediately spoke to one of their colleagues who was present and he informed his colleagues that heard a noise that sounded like a gunshot and noticed that people were scampering from the scene.

According to the account given by the officer, he heard about three more gunshots and also saw the fire from the gun nozzle.

He also quoted a lady as saying that “Koba that fire the shots, I see him with the gun”.

The police officers then went in search of the suspect and he was spotted wearing a white, black and red jersey with a black jean pants.

The source said that as soon as the police officers approached the man started to behave in a very aggressive manner.

He was said to be in the company of a female who was wearing a body fitted tiger coloured suit and was holding onto the man around his neck and back area.

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The source pointed out that the man then pulled out a firearm from his pants and the police officer also drew his service pistol and instructed him to drop the firearm.

He said the officer also ordered the woman to move out of the way but she refused to do so.

The Police officer then fired three warning shots and issued fresh instructions to the man to drop the gun and also to the woman to get out of the way.

He said the lady once again refused to move out of the way and the man then walked over to the edge of the cliff and threw the firearm over into the sea.

The suspect who gave his name as Yacouba Toussaint was then taken into custody for the offence of possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition.

The police also quickly searched the premises and found one 9mm spent shell which was most likely fired by one of their own colleagues.

The arrest of Toussaint came less than 24 hours after police had to respond to a shooting incident in the south of the island in which a well-known member of the Carenage Ghetto was gunned down, in what appears to be part of the ongoing feuding among rival drug gangs on the island.

Another key player linked to the Carenage Ghetto narrowly escaped the assassination attempt on his life as the bullet struck him on the ears.

The Carenage Gang has reportedly identified five members of a rival Gang that they plan to hunt down in order to seek revenge for the assault on some of their key leaders in the underworld of crime on the island.

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