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Working on the Grand Anse court

The newly refurbished basketball court at Grand Anse

Parliamentary representative for the South St George constituency and Minister for Mobilisation Implementation and Transformation (MIT) Andy Williams is assuring residents in his constituency that work is still some way off from completing the sporting complex at Grand Anse.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY on Wednesday, the senior government minister rejected claims from some critics that he is starting a number of projects like the former New National Party (NNP) administration of Keith Mitchell and never seems able to bring them to full completion.

According to Minister Williams, this is far from the truth and that he was waiting on a part from overseas that is not available on island to complete the Tennis Court including its fencing.

He said that he has empowered the young people to build the back board for the basketball court at the Grand Anse facility and all the others around the country.

He disclosed that a 24-year old youngster was the one who did the backboard at Grand Anse and saved them from spending $12, 000.00 to purchase a fiberglass backboard.

The Minister said the plan is to try and get the young people involved in these projects in order to show them a better way to make a living than resorting to crime and violence.

“Right now I am empowering young people to make backboards for all the courts in Grenada,” he remarked.

Minister Williams indicated that a section of the sporting facility at Grand Anse where there are some old buildings will be demolished shortly and “we (are) going and nice up the area just now.”

He said the plan includes putting in toilet facilities for persons coming to the venue.

“If people come on the court right now to enjoy a basketball game, there is no facility to urinate – they have to go by the Vendor’s Market to urinate,” he added.

Minister Williams announced that a change room will be put in place to accommodate females who come to the arena to play netball.

In addition, he said the Tennis court will be fenced and some additional work is planned for on the outside of the court.

The plan, he said is to erect some small booths for vending, as well as develop a parking area, washroom and a small pavilion for persons to sit and enjoy the sporting games.

The Lawn Tennis and Netball courts at Grand Anse were built over 45 years ago during the reign of Sir Eric Matthew Gairy and his Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) government.

Over the years, several successive regimes have neglected to do any refurbishment work on the sporting complex.

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