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Video exist of illegal gun-cleaning in Boca

A rear photo seen of a man cleaning a magazine for an illegal gun in circulation in the country

Grenada Police are now said to be paying particular attention to a group in Boca in the St George North-east constituency to try and look for clues that might help the lawmen solve Sunday night’s execution of a 34-year male resident of Beaulieu, St. George.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the group has been posting several images which seems to suggest that they are engaged in illegal activities.

One of the captured images is that of the murdered victim who was executed in Snug Corner in an incident in which armed masked men drove through the small village and sprayed him with several bullets.

A police bulletin on the killing said: “Police are actively investigating a shooting incident which occurred about 10:00 p.m. on Sunday 5th May, 2024, at Snug Corner, St. George, resulting in the death of a 34 years old male resident of Beaulieu, St. George.

“Upon receipt of the report, officers immediately visited the scene and observed the motionless body of the victim lying on the public road with a wound to the head. The body was examined, at the scene, by a medical doctor and pronounced dead.

“The Commissioner and members of the Royal Grenada Police Force extend sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.”

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In the captured image, the victim has been described as the person behind the individual that is standing up cleaning the barrel of a revolver gun by a river on the same day that he was shot dead.

Three men and one woman were also reportedly seen in the video taken by the river.

The source identified the woman as a government employee linked to the Financial Complex on the Carenage.

“She is a gangster – they (the police) hold her with drugs already,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the woman is considered to be “a big” operative of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the St George North-east constituency.

Joseph’s killing came a few days after he was involved in an altercation with a well-known character linked to the small drug-infested enclave known as 4-Roads in the city.

The deceased who was recently released from the Richmond Hill prison was seen fleeing 4-Roads as a man with a cutlass and a case of bottles chased after him.

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