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US$100, 000.00 offered to get “Jonty” Killer

The two world famous members of the show biz community – Tyler Perry and Yvette Noel-Schure – are putting up the money to help find the murder suspect

A reward of US$100, 000.00 is being offered by U.S filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry and Grenadian-born Yvette Noel-Schure to find the suspect in the Josiah “Jonty” Robinson murder.

The Creator and performer of Mabel “Madea” Simmons posted the information on his Social Media page a few hours ago.

The Grenadian-born Noel-Schure is an adviser and publicist for the world famed singer Beyonce.

Police in Grenada have not made a breakthrough into the murder of 24-year old Jonty, who was from Beaulieu in St George North-east and a recognized member of the LGBT community whose body was found last month on the popular BBC beach in the Morne Rouge area on Sunday morning.

Top Trinidad & Tobago Pathologist Professor Hubert Daisley who was  called in to offer assistance concluded that Jonty died from “Manual Strangulation.”

The autopsy report said that the popular LGBT member was strangled and the body thrown into the sea water.

Professor Daisley also said in his report that he detected strangulation marks on Jonty’s neck, as well as congestion of the brain, lungs, and damage to the cervical bone.

In offering what amounts to over EC quarter million dollars for information leading to the arrest of the suspect, the famed U.S actor said he was contacted a few days ago by his close friend, Yvette who was in tears as she related the murder of Jonty.

He said: “Through her tears and grief she was telling me that in her home country of Grenada, a young man that was like a son to her was murdered. My soul ached as she shared that he was a young, gifted singer who was murdered because he was gay.

My mind immediately went to Mathew Shepard, and all the other victims of racist, homophobic, antisemitic, xenophobic, senseless violence. This kid was 23, how is this ok? His mother is devastated. This pain is too common – the same pain of Marcia Williams, who I’ve been trying to help to find out what happened to her son Terrance in Collier County, Florida for years now.

The pain of not knowing can be crippling. It’s the pain that my sister and I carry not knowing what truly happened to my 25-year-old nephew, who we were told hung himself in prison just 3 years ago. The pain of not knowing is truly gut-wrenching.

So with that said, Yvette and I are offering a $100,000 dollar reward to anyone who brings forth information that leads to the conviction of the murderer of Josiah “Jonty” Robinson.

Please pray for his mother and Yvette and all of those that loved him, as well as every family who has been impacted by senseless violence.

Anyone with any information can call The Criminal Investigation Division at this number. +1-473-440 3921. You can remain anonymous.”

The death of Jonty sparked reaction in the LGBT community with many claiming that he was targeted because of his sexual orientation.

Police have already questioned several persons including someone who used to live with Jonty but has not made a breakthrough in the case.

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