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Upstage Sailor Mas to introduce enticing specials this weekend

Upstage Sailor Mas Band, which will be part of Spice Mas 2022

This month-end, the organisers of the Upstage Sailor Mas Band will introduce “some enticing specials” in a bid to encourage more persons to sign up to participate in the traditional mas band on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

“We are going to have some enticing specials for people this month-end to encourage more people to participate,” the Upstage Sailor Mas Band leader, Chrislyn ‘Msy Chrissy’ Lashington, told THE NEW TODAY in an interview on Tuesday.

The specials will include “group discounts,” she said, explaining that for example, “if you’re signing up more than one child, you will have these types of discounts this weekend. So, people can stay tuned to our website and social media pages.”

Lashington led the 20-member strong band, whose members’ ages range from seven (7) to 65 years old, to masquerade for the very first time at the Traditional Mas Festival, held last week Saturday in Victoria, St. Mark.

The event saw participation from 15 traditional mas bands, including “The Real Jab Jab” from St. Paul’s, La Fillette Jab Jab, St. Patrick’s Juju Warriors, St. Patrick’s Apache, Wild Indians from Gouyave, Telescope Tribal Warriors, Maypole Dancers from St. David’s, South Side Shortknee from Grand Anse, Tivoli Veteran Shortknee, Coast Guard Rebels Shortknee Band from St. Mark’s, Demonic Angels Viey Cou from Gouyave, House of Creation Viey Cou Band from St. Mark’s, Coast Guard Viey Cou, The First Case of Monkeypox, and Upstage Sailor Mas from Calivigny.

“We put together a nice little routine using some of the traditional sailor mas movements (and) it was well received in terms of the people there, who were quite interested, and wanted to sign up, and I must say that since our presentation on Saturday, we have been getting a few more persons interested in playing with us for Carnival Monday and Tuesday,” Lastington remarked.

“There were a lot of patrons there to see us so that was good, and I think attendance was great compared to other years that I’ve been to the Traditional Mas Festival. So, I must commend the Spicemas Corporation (SMC) on that,” she added.

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