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Two-year old boy sexually molested

A 17-year old boy from Mardi Gras in St Paul’s is currently the subject of a police investigation in connection with a sexual assault on a 2-year old little boy.

An authoritative source told THE NEW TODAY that an officer of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) attached to the St. Paul’s Police Station is now looking into the matter.

According to the source, the mother of the two year old will often leave the child with a neighbour and pays her $20.00 each time for carrying out the chores.

“When she (the mother) return and took the child and was bathing him she saw blood coming from his rear…,” he said.

The source stated that the mother took the 2-year old to the police station and then to the St. George’s General Hospital for medical treatment.

The incident is believed to have happened on December 31.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the 17 year old suspect now under investigation for the alleged offence has himself been the subject of similar abuse in his life.

Head of the Community Relations department at the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), Supt. Vannie Curwen, has confirmed the incident to THE NEW TODAY.

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