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Troubled students at TAMCC School of Continuing Education

The T.A. Marryshow Community College is located in Tanteen and was named after the Father of the West Indies Federation

Details are coming to hand about a set of troubled young men attending the School of Continuing Learning at the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) in Tanteen, St George.

THE NEW TODAY was told that a few months ago local attorney-at-law Jerry Edwin was invited by the school to address the class on the consequences for those who run afoul of the law.

According to a well-placed source, these young men at TAMCC are considered to be part of Gangs and often engaged in fighting among young people.

He said the situation with these youngsters at the college reached the stage where the school was forced to cancel its annual school fair due to fear of violence.

There are reports that some of the students have been caught with offensive weapons on the TAMCC compound.

The school official pointed out that Attorney Edwin was approached by the Counsellors at TAMCC to address the male students out of concern that due to the discovery of “bladed weapons on some of the students” who are often engaged in fighting and the organisation of Gangs.

He said the fears of those running the class “are well founded” when it comes to the actions and behaviour of several students.

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He spoke of how several of the students were hostile and aggressive in their behavior during Edwin’s session with them.

The source stated that some students even refused to stand up and ask questions to the presenter but just sat in their seats and shouted out whatever they wanted to convey.

He said the attitude of the belligerent students is not what one expects to see from students in a classroom setting in a tertiary institution.

Speculation is rife that several of these troubled youngsters at TAMCC are from such areas in the country like Grand Anse Valley, The Limes, Gouyave, Willis, and Belmont.

According to the source, he would not like to see the school at TAMCC becoming “a pipeline to the Criminal Court in Grenada.”

Grenada has seen periodic upsurge of Gang-related violence in the country.

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