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Tragedy in the Spice Isle

Police have confirmed that a 44-year old Grenadian living in the United States who came back home on holiday died in a vehicular accident in the early hours of Sunday along the Paradise main road in St. Andrew.

A police official identified the individual as Leslie Pierre who is a contractor by profession.

Pierre was the driver of a black GEO Tracker which collided with a concrete bridge on the left side of the road, opposite the office of the Parliamentary Office going in the direction of Dunfermline at around 1:15 a.m.

“The vehicle ran off the road, collided with the bridge on left side of the road in direction of Dunfermline – he was unconscious,” said a police official.

The incident occurred well past the12:00 midnight curfew hour imposed by government in the battle against the deadly coronavirus.

THE NEW TODAY understands that there was a female occupant of the vehicle, Wendiana Cox, 46 years of Sendall Street, Grenville, St. Andrew who sustained minor injuries including bruises to her left leg.

The vehicle is said to be owned by one Keith Cobb of Snug Corner, St. George’s.

Police have also confirmed the death of 66-year old retiree, Joseph Norbert Forrester of Lower St. John, St. Andrew who apparently met his death when a tree fell on him.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the police were taken to the scene of the incident Saturday by a villager name Kimon Flanders who made the discovery.

35-year old Flanders was asked by the wife of the deceased to go in search of him in the garden since he did not come home as usual for his lunch.

When the body was discovered, Forrester was wearing a blue plaid shirt, blue trousers, and brown boots in his feet.

The body of the elderly man was found lying on its left side on the ground with both his hands and legs akimbo and with a laceration on the left side of the forehead.

A police insider told THE NEW TODAY that a large tree approximately 200-ft long was resting on Forrester’s left ankle, and a large stone was observed 2 inches away from his head.

He said that an orange and grey chain saw was seen on the ground next to a tree trunk about 6-7 ft. away from the body of the deceased.

In addition, a cutlass along with a blue shopping bag containing a cutlass file and other personal effects were picked up by the police approximately 20-25 ft. away from the body.

The wife later told police investigators that her husband left home with a chainsaw to cut down trees in his cultivated lands in close proximity to their home.

The District Medical Officer visited the scene, examined the body and pronounced Forrester dead.