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The Shrimp Farm money!!!

Attorney-at-law Margaret Wilkinson - is an approved agent in the programme that sells Grenadian passports

THE NEW TODAY can report that it has obtained documents showing that a group of Russians had paid their fees to obtain Grenadian passports under the failed Shrimp Farm project that was part of the passport-selling scheme known as Citizenship by Investment (CBI).

The document was made available to this newspaper against the backdrop of the recent Al Jazeera documentary about the sale of diplomatic passports by Grenada and Dominica.

It showed the bank account of the local lawyer where the money was lodged at the Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited (GCBL).

This newspaper understands that the sum mentioned in the Wire Transfer which originated from Russia and then into an intermediary bank in the United States was to start the processing by the Keith Mitchell-led ruling New National Party (NNP) government to grant the passports to the non-nationals.

There were 57 applications amounting to approximately EC$50 million from persons seeking to obtain Grenadian passports that should have been used to facilitate the Shrimp farm project at Victoria, St. Mark.

Prime Minister Mitchell has told Grenadians that monies were collected by the developers of the project but funds have gone missing.

The Grenadian leader promised several months ago that an inquiry will take place into the missing Shrimp Farm project money.

No details have since been given by the regime on the status of the investigation and the persons given the task to find out what became of the money.

However, this newspaper has seen documents showing that the developer of the project had set up bank accounts in Dubai and Singapore to collect monies from persons seeking Grenadian passports under the Victoria project.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY has decided to publish the wire transfer of funds related to passports for the Shrimp farm:

The wire transfer of the funds that were sent by a Russian family as part of the process to obtain Grenadian passports

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