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The rich and powerful Hattan and Kavanagh

Sarah Hattan and Donal Kavanagh – the two non-nationals who angered locals over the beating of Evan Smith

THE NEW TODAY has obtained documents showing that the controversial English couple – Sarah Hattan and Donal Kavanagh – who were charged by police for harm in the beating of the local black man, Evan Smith is linked to one of the most influential law firms on the island.

Documents in the Supreme Court Registry identified the law firm owned by former Governor General, Sir Daniel Williams as one of the legal representatives on the island used by Hatton who is from England and the Ireland-born Kavanagh.

Sir Daniel is known to be a close ally of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and played a key role in the current Grenadian leader unseating the late Herbert Blaize for leadership of the New National Party (NNP) back in 1989.

Kavanagh and Hattan have become well known on the island as police moved to arrest and charge them for the beating of Smith two weeks ago after the vehicle he was driving struck their dog and killed it on the Fort Jeudy main road.

The local man who is known to be physically challenged was beaten in the head, face and body in an incident which resulted in several Grenadians staging protest action days later at Fort Jeudy calling for justice for Smith.

The law firm of Danny Williams & Co. is listed as doing the incorporation three months ago in March of the company owned by the two non-nationals, Sea Safety Services Ltd, for it to be allowed to do business on the island.

According to the court document drawn up by the legal firm, the two Directors for Sea Safety are Kavanagh of Fort Jeudy who was identified as a Marine Safety Engineer and Hatton, also of the same address with her portfolio being Sales and Logistics Manager.

The couple are currently living in Egmont, another upscale area in close proximity to Fort Jeudy.

Attorney-at-law, Derick Sylvester, who has been retained by Smith to file a civil lawsuit against the two non-nationals for the beating, said that both Kavanagh and Hatttan currently have an application pending before the NNP administration for citizenship of Grenada.

Sylvester has hired two Private Investigators to try and find out if the applications are for Grenadian citizenship through the controversial passport-selling scheme known as Citizenship by Investment (CBI).

“It’s a citizenship application that they have,” Sylvester is quoted as saying without giving details.

Sylvester has also disclosed that Kavanagh is linked to the police force as the engineer who works on the engines of the local coast guard vessels at its base at True Blue in the south of the island.

The local attorney said that Hattan has in her possession an Alien Land Holding License from government for a plot of land that she purchased from a local commercial bank under its power of sale in the upscale Lance Aux Epines area in 2018.

“She bought 33, 000 sq. ft. of land in a bank foreclosure for $469, 000.00. These people have money and connections,” he said.

Kavanagh and Hattan have also purchased a house at Fort Jeudy which one real estate agent estimated at about EC$2 million.

He said that a plot of land in the well-to-do Fort Jeudy is running at EC$750, 000.00.

Prime Minister Mitchell currently has one acre of land in the same area without any building on it, which is valued at EC$1.5 million.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY reproduces a copy of the Aliens Land Holding license in the hands of the wealthy Hattan:-

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