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The NNP destablisation plot

Sen. Norland Cox –the point man for the NNP on the 50th anniversary celebrations committee

It’s a plot. Everything we do they always trying to cloud it and say like we ain’t want to include them.

A high-ranking member of the Congress government of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell has accused the main opposition New National Party (NNP) of trying to use the EC$10, 000.00 issue as part of its clandestine attempts to destabilise the Golden Jubilee of the island’s independence celebrations.

The official told THE NEW TODAY that the money was available for all Members of Parliament to use to beautify their various constituencies for the 50th anniversary celebrations but the Members of Parliament on the NNP side of the Lower House deliberately did not utilise it.

He said that the NNP had selected Senator Norland Cox as its representative to serve on the National Organising Committee (NOC) for the Golden Jubilee and had obtained all the necessary information to brief his party members on obtaining the funds.

“Cox was on the committee so it’s not like they didn’t know or whatever it is. You (NNP) have a rep on the committee who will bring back the information to you. They know because Cox went back and tell you all. Is not like you all didn’t know. Cox also had the info and went back to his people to let them know.”

The official pointed out that all Congress Ministers were able to obtain the same information on how to get the funds from the person who represented the government side on the committee.

According to the official, the NNP MP’s could have been given the money to spend on their constituencies but they had to present invoices as part of the accounting process.

“Once you are given the money you have to account for it,” he quipped.

He said that another approach available to the NNP MP’s in Parliament was to send the invoices directly to the NOC who will then make the necessary payment to the various service providers.

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“They agreed to send in the invoices for the NOC to pay it and then they never did. They could have submitted the invoices and the NOC could have paid it the same day self.”

The official spoke of knowing a government minister who “did that and the NOC paid it the same day.”

Asked if the NNP MPs’ wanted the $10, 000 directly in their hand, he said: “No, they say they don’t want the money in their hand – they rather bring in the invoices but they never bring in any invoice. I guess it’s all a plot of trying to come up against the government.”

“It’s a plot. Everything we do they always trying to cloud it and say like we ain’t want to include them.”

During the build up to the February 7 Independence Day celebrations, the main opposition had often complained about not being invited to participate in several planned events including the distribution of the 50th anniversary pins to school children.

Former Education Minister Emmalin Pierre also clamoured for the NNP party boss Dr. Keith Mitchell to be included on the 50th anniversary commemorative note instead of revolutionary Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.

The NNP is still smarting from its loss at the polls 20 months ago at the hands of the newlook National Democratic Congress (NDC) under the leadership of rookie politician, 46-year old Dickon Mitchell, a barrister-at-law by profession.

After the stunning 9-6 defeat, the then Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell said “it really hurts”.

The 77-year old Keith Mitchell continues to hold onto power within the NNP with an iron-fist despite a declaration from his Agriculture Minister Peter David that he wants to replace him as the new party boss.

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