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The new MacAndrew Scholarship

Antoinette Lewis and Samantha Antoine-Purcell are awardees of the MacAndrew Scholarship

The ability of Grenada’s top scholars to access tertiary-level education and contribute to the island’s national development has now been enhanced with the establishment of the MacAndrew Scholarship.

The programme is collaboration between the Sandals Foundation and the St. George’s University and was made possible due to the kind donation of United Kingdom Physicist, Alec MacAndrew.

The scholarship targets persons seeking to pursue undergraduate studies in Marine Biology or Tourism and Hospitality Management or a post-graduate diploma in the Education programme.

Career educators Antoinette Lewis nee Perry and Samantha Antoine-Purcell have been selected as the first recipients and are currently pursuing post-graduate degrees in Education.

Associate Dean of Admissions at St. George’s University, Colin Dowe, says the scholarship not only seeks out students of superior academic calibre but emphasizes areas of study which will help recipients strike out and impact Grenada’s development.

“The MacAndrew Scholarships are designed to foster Grenada’s development by investing in building the human resource capacity in key areas critical to national development. The programme ensures that Grenada benefits from a highly- skilled workforce and academia to help the country reach its 2035 goals and beyond.”

Executive Director at the Sandals Foundation, Heidi Clarke noted that the alignment of the scholarship programme to national development goals is a strategic step to ensuring Grenada’s development plan is advanced.

“The Sandals Foundation is always happy to partner with programmes that directly invest in the development of the countries in which we operate. As Grenada sets out to create a sound environment and ecology, empower its people to develop quality public sector services and to create globally competitive industries, the MacAndrew Scholarship turns the spotlight on those industries that will help achieve those goals,” she said.

The MacAndrew scholarship adds to the Care for Kids Scholarship operated across the region by the Sandals Foundation.

Additionally, it complements the need-based Grenadian Partnership Agreement (GPA) bursary already offered by St. George’s University.

Recipients are determined by the MacAndrew Scholarship Committee and are based primarily on academic excellence and the student’s commitment to the chosen discipline.

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