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The missing money from the Shrimp Farm

Kaisa Ince – the US$19.25 million figure was cited in her letter

EC$52.5 million.

That’s the huge sum of money collected from the sale of Grenadian passports to build the failed Shrimp Farm project at Victoria in St. Mark.

THE NEW TODAY got the figure from a letter sent in 2018 by the then head of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Committee, Kaisha Ince to the foreign investor behind the project, Soren Dawody asking him to account for the monies that were collected from selling passports to execute the project that promised over 400 jobs to residents in St. Mark.

This newspaper understands that applications for the sale of 57 Passports were approved by the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government to bring in money for the Victoria project.

Documents seen by this newspaper indicate that the monies collected for the sale of the passports were put in banking accounts not in Grenada but in Dubai and Singapore that were controlled by Dawody.

Several months ago, Prime Minister Mitchell promised to launch an investigation into the whereabouts of the monies that were collected.

No further details were given to the nation by the Grenadian leader on the composition of the team of investigators and how far they have reached in carrying out the work.

Soren Dawody – the man behind the failed Shrimp Farm project

However, a former official with the project has questioned why the Mitchell

government has not moved to open a criminal case against those who might be culpable for the disappearance of the passport funds for the Victoria project.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY reproduces two important documents – one from Ince to Dawody on the Shrimp farm funds and another from Dawody purporting to give a breakdown of the usage of some of the monies that were collected.


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